Okay, so I just want to ask you a few questions legit your recent visit to Spain. Are you cool with that? Yes. Okay. So my first question would be during war time of the year. Did you visit Spain and like late May early June? Okay. So how was the weather like when you visited it was summer, but it was different in different places like the are places around the cool along the coast. That is Lisbon. Handle, it was pleasant like moderate. It was recognized School in the mornings and Tall dribble in the evening as well. But then more land loss cases like Madrid had really extreme climate like the morning. It was really it was really dry. And it got it was really cold in the night and other places like Granada, they're gonna altitudes and an on an altitude so it was cold throughout. Oh, okay, so you got experience like a Shut up with us during your visit. Yeah, alright. Okay, so also if a person had to go to Spain he can't expect a particular weather and he'd have to pack like all kinds of clothes to be there right? Can you go again? I didn't know what I was saying is if a person had to travel to Spain he'd have to pack like all different kinds of clothes for different climates. He can't be specific to one place. Yeah, and don't trust the weather forecast forecast that Pleasant weather in Barcelona. One day it rained cats and dogs. We prepared don't trust the forecast. Okay. So what are the different places you visited in Spain? Well, they were quite a few places. I will just talk about use that interested me the most yeah sure help was we stopped in Madrid and we spent a lot of place in Madrid nearly a week and it's a beautiful place. My so any road any Street you go to in Madrid. It's an artistic and Architectural Wonder each building is so it's so Magnificent the my room stone walls and the marble flooring and they have sculptures outcome for Out of Street lamps and all it's absolutely beautiful. Okay. Yeah Andy and eats mainly Main Street has a junction a circle and eat it either have a fountain or some statue or a huge art and it's beautiful. So anyone who's like into art and architecture. It's the best place to be also so there are a lot of this bucket list things that those touristy things that you have to do in major like visit Prado look, At the paintings see go ask paintings and things like that, but there are also a few of these streets that I was certain that I will talk more of that because you'll find information about proud o and all the touristy stuff everywhere. Yeah one is area on the other side of the gate to Toledo and it's more like it's a very residential look light area and the food there is Heavenly. So the more they mostly serve lat letting inclusion over there and it's the best place. To be and also I went to Madrid when the Champions League finals was going on like the sleeves. Okay. So the energy every speak and even though like English clubs qualified in Liverpool and Tottenham. So even though they were English love the energy was mad and it was amazing. It was just beautiful. Wow. Okay. So from Madrid, where did you go to? Okay. Portugal Lisbon in Portugal we had a lot of other plants in this woman got cancer because Tuesday's in Lisbon is a holiday. Oh, this is that you want to visit a school shut off on Tuesday, and we were there only for Monday and Tuesday. Oh, wow. Okay, but we still went around the city and the city is beautiful. It's a very party place. So like a go with the right mindset. Yeah. Yeah. Along the beach along. It's not exactly a visa to the river. But then forms the on next to the Bellum cover called pastel de belem. They sell the best pastries and those are signature to Lisbon. So don't leave this one without having pastries from there. Oh, all right. So from Lisbon where to go to next Sam listen, so from this one we went to several several is back again and Andalusia and spray. So and several is one more. It says it's smaller than measured not as it's like a town. So if my dress is pretty surreal to small town and one player. So if you if people usually go to save you to see the palace there the Alhambra the Alcazar and the Armed robber. Okay, and I smoke this is this is so yeah the palace if you're a Game of Thrones fan one scene from Game of Thrones was shot not once in quite a few scenes from Game of Thrones were shot in that Palace. Okay. This Palace is this is this is the Alcazar in Seville. Oh, okay. So the Alcazar has like the G OT Seasons. Yeah. So you remember the scene in Dawn where the Water Gardens? I'm sorry. I did not follow him up. Words of God the who almost the whole of dawn seen as force was short and Alcazar and the next to select them for kilometers from several. This is place called italica. It's a Roman excavational side. So they're basically dug up out of a civilization and it's an archaeological site. Oh, okay. Dad was also a scene where Game of Thrones first shot. But even if you're not a Game of Thrones, please go to italica. It's this Tiny Village. Village it's not even a town. It's a village and there's okay Saito. They decide to Simply Beautiful. The amphitheater will leave you dumbfounded because some people consider that like sensories away to it isn't even an 80s and BC. Okay. Wow, that's like really old. Yeah you are you old it's like a lot of places like that. You'll find bars that to eat. The building was constructed in BC and is how the Yeah, it's the things like that. Yeah went to Granada and yeah a lot we spent only one day in Granada and I sort of regret that because I think journalist I real anger about the most beautiful places I visited on the whole trip. Oh, wow. Okay. Yes. Yeah. So Granada is this place and so how this city of Granada is so structured it so this Is half of the city on a hill so starting from the tip of the Hill along its slope and the other half of the city is in the valley. Oh, okay. Yeah, so you have a view of the other part of the city, even if he found in the lower side of the city, you can look up and still see the city and if you stand on the in the hilltop, you can look down in still see the so well, huh? Yeah, it's magnificent. It's like that and so if you look in the distance you will See snow covered mountains the snow peak mountains in summer. Yeah, so it's that time. Yeah, it's that tight and in Grenada apart, like go around the streets with beautiful narrow streets. There are a lot of stairs because you can imagine he'll say yeah a lot of State cases and all of that. So this going on the street the alleys you do this and there's one narrow canal running through the center of the city and also on the top of the hill. Hill there's a palace again called the Alhambra and and the palace it's also along with the palace. They also X its basic other polymer is basically a whole town that they dug up archaeologically. So the like where is this isn't Granada Granada? There's another archaeological site like this. Oh, okay. Through that place it says it feels like you're going through an actual Old City because they're left everything. I rather like this is where the Community Hall was. This was the great bath and this is the force which is through the whole all the city. Okay. So from Grenada, what did you do? Okay, before the last two places on our turn Valencia and Barcelona, okay and volunteer are we didn't do much because we had another family join us and then another travel E-Type. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Well and yeah, okay. So violent year is famous for this disqualified. Actually, the whole of Spain Spain is famous for this dish and you just have to eat it. Could you tell it again with traditional talking about by? Okay, honey, but it's so much better. Okay, it's okay. It's okay like yeah, you can describe that. What exactly does yeah with the with meat and a lot of things. Mediterranean flavors in it and it's really nice. Don't leave without eating that and well and she has a where it started. Oh, okay. You'll have to eat it that all right and Barcelona of this beautiful you to step into the City and you'll know exactly what to do. It's so happening. There are so many people everywhere and what was known again is a very party place because it's right next to the beach and And when we went to Barcelona it was so there's this one area in Barcelona Coy barceloneta. Okay, right next to the main Beach and so over there when we went there. They have a yearly Carnival and that was happening just when we went so it happens in two days the whole year and we happened to be there or the same day. Well, so what are these two days they have the area the locality they have Carnival so So what they do is so eats roared from the locality they for they make teams and then they perform with bands like drums and trumpets and and they do their catalonian dance and they perform and it's like that and they have a Gala time and it goes on right from morning to evening. So you'll be hearing the music continuously and the music is very pleasant. It's damn nice. So if you sit but it for a nice dinner, you'll they'll be dancing right along the street next. You doing oh, that's a pretty amazing experience though. Okay, so, okay, so oh no. No, I just want you to name all the food items, which you would say. You should definitely try it out because you mentioned a lot throughout the talk now just mention them this this this is like this. Yeah, I don't miss that. Yeah. If you're in the pastel de belem the pastries from belém and no Lisbon. Okay, then the Croquettes the croquettas, whatever you want to call it. Okay. So those are from okay, and I don't know man, the Mediterranean flavors are good. Whatever you have will be nice. Okay. So is that easy availability of vegetarian? vegetarian food or is it mostly non vegetative me, but then like I'm sorry about that. I I went to like like in comparison to other European cities that I visited it's easier to find a vegetarian food, but it's still not as easy as what would like it to be. Oh, okay. So what would you say is the most memorable thing of your trip to Spain? Wow. No. Ok. So just name one thing with you say every person should. Visit a simple. So please go to Madrid during the Champions League. It's the best experience ever. Nothing can beat that. Okay. So Madrid during Champions League time is the best city to okay. So I did my last question to you would be what is the average budget requirement for a person to visit these places, but I'm not really sure. Sure, but then I will give you an approximation. Like I'll give you what how much approximately eats things cause so maybe you can add it up. So the flight fare from Bangalore to Spain so was around came up to around 40,000 the person okay and stay, okay. So a lot of things come into play or when I don't know the app stops working. God do I have to do it again? Hello. Yeah, both that I can tell you that I'm back on like I'm on the talk right now do the talking. You want me to join the call? Ya again? Okay, Vic. Yeah, you were talking about the budget accommodation. We've chose for Airbnb city hall or hostels because that much but with that really budget friendly and I think the most expensive ones that we stayed in came up to 20 euros a night that every heart. I don't know man. Your smile. Could you please tell you how many Peacemaker u-260 said sorry 60 rupees paid sixty or seventy two thousand two hundred euros here, right? Yeah. That's yeah, give me 2000 to 2002 20 years this Any of the decent hostile types you this month? This is how much you'll have to shed. But like if you're traveling like Solo or with friends or something try one of the community or Stills, they're much cheaper and you also get to meet meet new people. Yeah, and yeah, so that's that was the accommodation and the commute since we were four of us. We usually took a cab because that Adds up to the same as full bus driver bus tickets. So there's Uber everywhere. Yeah, that's over everywhere. You can just use it and the bus passes at that Deputy till they like if like bus prizes was booked for people is the same as one Wilbur Wright. So we decided we why when we get Comfort, let's kick it and so and then the food you had so the food actually turns out to be the most expensive part because eating out all three meals today is slightly difficult. Yeah, so I huh and I particularly when you're playing in places like Barcelona and loose bun without like really happening and touristy places be really careful where you eat the alleged scam you because the menu says something and you I think you might not understand the complete meaning of it and as I have heard a lot of stories, but yeah people just end up setting like 7 70 euros 80 Euros on one meal. Hello. Yes, it does. Yes, you will see in the spend around 60 to 70. Yeah, when you're in one of two major cities, make sure you're in the right place look at the ratings and reviews and then take out. Oh, I have missed it thing. I'm so sorry I missed you really important things when I was talking about this. So when you will listen is famous for this type of music called far do okay. It's very Soulful very enlightening. It's the Portugal style of operation. Opera and I feel like I know you almost look better than Oprah because it's so Soulful and so beautiful. It is just amazing. So there's this locality called the alfama in Lisbon. It's a small cavity with narrow streets. Okay. It's along the hill and there are small tiny cafes around there. So it in Alpha my you so in this small tiny Cafe these Fado singers come along and sing along with your dinner. So please go to those places the music is this Soulful my whole team It's don't eat that because it's a scam come out. The alpha has read a lot of street food and this light. Yeah and really good nice Lively music playing on the streets as well. So this and eat along the streets, but do not do far do it's amazing. And then in Seville, you have to watch this lemon coda Yeah. Yeah, so it's a dance form a tradition at the Spain and it's beautiful. It's very idealistic enticing this towards it. Oh, okay. So you would say the average cost comes up to around 2 lakh two point five lakhs right per person but for meditation and the food and stuff it might be okay. Yeah around that I guess so see myself despite like let's say 20 20 30 Euros a meal for three meals a day. Int and so you just count it depends on how many days you are staying. We visited a lot of places some people like to stay in one place and take it the place on the whole it really ya know. I'm talking about a span of one week. I guess that would be ideal for a trip. Yeah will be put into 7, which would be around 270. I'm sorry. So 90 Euros in the Savannah River. I don't think so. Even the stay would you say 200 Euros for yeah 200 Euros for two nights. Yep that I lost you again, sweetheart. Yeah. Yeah, can you listen to can you hear me now? Yeah, I can. Okay, great. So total around thousand three hundred euros right of food and stay included. Yeah, you're doing the math. Yeah. Okay. So for dance day included around thousand three hundred euros. And one way comes up to 48,000. Yeah, both to his 96,000. So yeah, approximately it would come up to 2 lakhs maximum would be 2 lakhs if you like. Go for a budgetary stay and have your problem. Yeah, maximum would be to let X be much lesser if you like living community hospital. Yeah. Okay. Thanks a lot Daddy for doing this with me. I know your kind of busy later because Of the exam season stuff. So thanks a lot again. Have a great day.