Hello, everybody. This is evening the house. And today we're going to talk about why being over there makes you a leader. I mean, first of all, we have to see them. What does he know a means I mean, You have to understand that being away means that you know that you what you actions are and the reactions to that action. Okay being away means that first of all being in check with reality, you know, a deluded person cannot be in check with reality at any given point of time but You know, there's a process in which you have to start so that you start being away with something. Mental Health #mental Stocks spiritual so yeah. then you aware about what you're doing and how it's going to affect the people around you and you know, and you know, the reality is even in touch with reality and also, you know, you understand the basics of what's happening to you and you can you know, see the full spiral going up and down that is very of a and when you aware, you know, you don't you cannot do Shady stuff to people or You ready to be very honest because it's not easy man. Like if I'm aware enough to understand that meeting on we're just non-vegetarian food is kind of a privilege because to make that that chicken that beef really require a lot of water like a lot of water like for once take of beef meat. Would take around a thousand gallons of water. Do you understand for how much does a full consumed and there's somebody in Africa who is not even having any food. He says sitting there and trying to see when the next meal is going to come by. so these are the kind of thing that you have to be aware about you know it they say that ignorance is bliss but eventually, you know, you can't you can't close your eyes and live your life because that is have a foolish person would live somebody who's aware enough to understand things Boutique conscious decisions to really if not be you know off super help in the sense that if they are not you know how you taste so they are not, you know, telling people all this in this and that but still eventually they have to make a conscious decision in that conscious decision is what makes the difference, you know, like if I make a conscious decision of not not Throwing garbage on the road then that's something that I will do because I understand that, you know what consequences it brings to us and and I'm not deluded, you know, and I'm not egoistic to be like I am I know it's not my thing a lot to take care of people who are going to be born although, you know after us and things of that nature Italy. You know, it comes with time and with experience and with knowledge you have to be aware to understand what is happening around you why it's happening around you hon. What are the things that you can do about it now being aware. You have to be smart to so when you away you have to understand that, you know, you have to conquer certain situations. So People certain aspects of your life and when you aware, you make conscious decisions and that is what a leader does. That is my point. When you away you will refuel not do things. You'll feel sad on anybody would feel sad anybody would feel depressed because eventually you all want to be the perfect selves. We all have that ideal self. You know that portrayal in our mind that what is the best version of me? Everybody has it in the mind and when you don't do things according That which are inclined towards that direction. Then you feel sad then you get depressed. And you know, you can just close your eyes and be like, I don't want to do shit. If that's great. I mean is that floats your goat, you know, the that will certainly be very hard for somebody like that to live in society because you know, then you will not have meaningful relations people would not take you seriously, you know living in that chaos would really make a crazy not lot of people can do that. You know if you Of if you want to take a stand of your own that you have to be strong as far man. I mean, there's no doubt about that. But that's how it goes being aware being a leader for example of like, you know, like the only drawbacks that I see you know that people get when they trying to be aware is that you know, there are a lot of things is it think that they know but they don't really know. New league half incomplete knowledge is even worse than having. No knowledge. That was my whole point. If you don't do anything that is perfectly fine. But if you do do something you have to do it in a certain manner so that you can get the best out of it. If you logically think is the best lifestyle that you can ever have. It is the one in which you have the control you drive. You drive the whole thing. And that is only when you will be aware enough to understand these things. You'll have to have the amount of gratitude. So they do not lose touch with everything that you have that is being real understanding things which are around you the energies that work with you. If you do not appreciate the people around you then you are not being real man. If anybody is giving you time you don't nobody is obliged to give you time or anything. Somebody's giving you time. If somebody's giving you priority then that means that you should appreciate that. And if you don't do that, then you're delivering my friend. I mean now that I'm away. I cannot make a bad decision. Even if even if it doesn't if it doesn't really cost me anything. I would never cheat on anybody if you know when it's meant to say that know if nobody Watching God is watching. The God within you is watching Always. He knows what you're thinking what you're doing how you're functioning the ins and the outs so you cannot, you know be like I you know, nobody knows about it, you know about it. And if you think that if you can lie about it yourself, then my friend you're foolish. And even if you lie to yourself, then that means that you're smart enough to make yourself fool and in future you will make a fool of yourself again. Because you know if you feed yourself lies and you any believe them to be the truth, you will eventually start acting in that manner and you will make it the truth. Understanding me. If I lie about you know, if I lie to somebody about having a great body, you know, I'll start believing that lie, I'll start thinking that I have a great body man, or I'll start working towards it any one of them to there are some people who are doing some people think that I think I am going to do. I would start, you know, even the first started lying All this I would start doing stuff man. I would start bodybuilding so that you know, eventually one day I make that liar to truth and that would that is amazing. That is the power of your imagination with your words. Do you realize you can do whatever you want? Like, do you understand the gravity of you being a human being the probability of you being human being honest a organization of this planet? Okay, wait a second, buddy. Okay, Chef Michael Symon sending me photos and asking me if this one is. best wishes to everyone other than like two or three of them. I think I would suggest her. the Sorry, sorry for that buddy. I did not mean to do that. Yeah, so some people are doing some people are thinkers and I see a lot of people just you know doing nothing and just thinking and thinking and when you think a lot you think that you have done that give up But it is not the truth. You have not done shit. It's just something that you, you know have media self-belief and your brain is foolish enough to believe all that, you know. Even if you know that cell I use are acting in a manner that the real thing that is not a lie. You make it the truth. As I said you will make it the truth. There's nothing that you cannot do even higher. Yeah. So either intensity of you being a human being man is 1 and 1 is to 10 trillion to understand probability. I mean if 10 if you show born 10 trillion times on this planet just one time you will be a human being how crazy is that and how powerful is that? I mean that is the same probability of you being an aunt and you being in a different also. What do you being a human being you're ruling the planet you're flying bro? You don't have wings you're biologically not made to fly. But you're flying. We are using motor cars and motor vehicles on a daily basis. We have never been to you know at such a speed able to Z like that. How big is that somebody thought of ting Oh an aeroplane and they did it. Human beings were flying man, and they are still flying but it's just that is so common. Now that people don't really appreciate to Dallas were lacking lacking, you know in gratitude means that if you if you cannot appreciate such small small things you cannot appreciate the thing that comes you know, even ahead and why do you think that things would get better? Why don't you think that things are already better? already good things are always good man and will always happen. Will you really be such a and not do stuff about it? I will never stop. I really love to. Be the best version of myself. Be the best looking one shot myself. And nobody can stop me. Nobody's and so you have to be aware. Now. What do you think? What does of being aware mean? Like I gave my definition that is my definition. So what do you think being aware means? Oops. Somebody called me. Wait a sec. Hello Akash. Hi, I'm Anna. Hey, man, what's up? Yeah, it's fine. Like I like the video appreciate it the humans thought that or not we are here like we have console far, right? They're flying. We are given going to the Moon exactly my point. It's a great achievement and they're not appreciating that. Exactly. The point is that if you will not appreciate such basic stuff, you know, things are normal. I understand, you know, things are happening on a daily basis know we hear about it so much that you feel like if you have a normal thing to happen, but if you understand from where we came, you know, we will nothing you apes and that we have gained this conscious mind we can do stuff. So that is what I'm trying to tell. People that you know people who are depressed people who think that they are nothing they have to understand the human beings and being that is such a powerful. It's a powerful statement in itself being a human being that's a ruling this planet. Yeah. It's interesting exactly. We rule the solar system we rule. You know such a vast environment being I think we are already a leader don't you think so see everybody will need among. You know, I mean in the sense you're talking about like the human race being the leaders of yeah, what the whole planet yamanashi not of the whole planet? We are the leader of the whole universe don't you think so? I mean the universe that we rules. Yes, I mean there's a lot that is unknown. Yeah, I'm talking about observable universe. Yeah, the observable universe, of course man. Like we have not found any living organism and we are the ones who are trying to find them. Of course. We are the rear of man. Yeah when I was child, I used to think that lion is the king but but this time I'm thinking that he's just a shit. Like you come on he moving as always we have created just for fascination. Can you imagine that is such a god-like thing to do not only a God Like thing to do but it's such a powerful thing to do to capture so many animals and put them in one place where they're not even you know, they're putting penguins in places which are tropical tropical relocated. I mean the live, you know in the eyes reasons and you're putting them in places where the normal temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. I mean what will make the environment compatible for them? Exactly and you think anybody in the whole Universe can do that? No exactly is just the human beings who can do that. So now even you know Akash, I like to ask you something man or do Do have like what do you do? I'm a student your student do think that you have achieved a lot. No, do you working or that I'm working on that? Yeah, man, of course you're working on that and what have you decide like? What do you want to do? Maybe are you sure maybe like maybe an engineer or the researcher? So what are you? Studying man. Are you in school? I have passed my class 12 exams last year. Okay. I'm preparing for intrinsic song. That is sweet, man. That is sweet. She's injured. Yeah. So what else so my point of ask you this is that you know, there are lot of people who would get, you know, get depressed and they they they try to Do this stuff for entrance exam, right? Yeah, like there's no need to do to get depressed young exactly a lot of opportunities out. There are a lot of opportunities out there, right? Yes. There are so many ample opportunities and when people get depressed, I feel I don't feel sad. I feel disappointed because they don't have anything to feel bad about I mean, you know, they I I have done my college and my MBA and I you know when I was in school and when might I pass my 12th, I saw these I saw all my friends went science fiction studying for it and bits pilani and you know, this isn't that one of them did not get in an IAT and he let him in such a deep depression. And there was this other guy who was seriously I'll tell you so the guy who did not get into a who did not get him to IIT. The first guy. Okay, he was a really smart person but he was from General category, right? So he do not get into IDE mental depression. Then he started making music, right and he's doing great in music now, right so when he was depressed I was there with him and I used to always tell him that listen. It's just a little feel that is coming in life. It will go away so quick. You won't even understand now. The only thing you have to do is work towards something else because if one goal is unachievable, then they are a trillion other goals which are achievable and you can try and so many things and that point of time. He stopped talking to me and started getting into music. I mean, you know, he saw it was you who inspired him. I see. I think he inspired himself. I was just the person who told him, you know, you gave him the direction. That's it. That is it and now he's doing such amazing work in music. He is a rapper he is a music producer. And so the end then there was this other guy who did not be able to IIT will include a patient is still in depression assisting in depression. Yes. He I think we need you need you. He's in need of you. He is in need of himself. My friend. See I can only show you the direction. I can only try to make sense to you. But you understand that everybody looks at everything in a very different manner. Like if there is an apple in front of me, you know, if you and II will see something different and you will see something different, right? So this is how perspective works now. I can give my perspective. I can tell you the basic truths of Life of how things function but eventually it's your struggle man. You know, it's a cycle. You you you go happy you going to position your income out of it a little better, you know, you will again go back in it. But if you again come out and it's a cycle that keeps on continuing and the Spectrum becomes more stable. You know, it's like a wavelength it goes up you happy down you're depressed and it goes up again and it goes a little less up getting me and it goes a little less down. So it starts getting stable if you learn from experience. Yeah, and every time you get improved right you improve and you will never understand, you know, there are so many ways in which to improve their will be like only two three things that you will be able to understand but they will be So many other things that come in as Spectrum the you be able to improve through those experiences and that is only that'll only happen. If you're aware to understand things from a logical perspective, you know, the best exercise I give to everybody this is such a beautiful exercise Akash, it's you know in any situation in your life if you if you're there and you know if you're reacting To something if you you know, if you're not feeling good this and that then step back take a step back and try to understand the situation from a third person point of view, you know, and the third person has no knowledge of anything in the sense not in the same situation. Yeah. It's he from a fresh mine, you know, because You know if I and suppose my and I have a fight right on something like why did I leave my towel over your right? And then I of course I will like she'll take me once twice sighs the tank time. I would crack I will be like, why are you telling me all this like if you have such a problem you could keep it there, but if I do not, you know, if The first time this happens the first time I feel agitated when this happens itu step back and try to understand from a third-person perspective now in the first situation, which I I got flabbergasted when she asked me to put the towel I didn't I thought, you know, I thought of the whole situation as just I just looked at my so in my perspective there is this one person in this whole scenario. This is my and I'm not looking at myself. How will I look at myself? From a third-person perspective when I you can you comment you can man. No, I'm saying that you can't look at you yourself when you are looking from thirst portions perspective, right? No, there is no the point man. You're looking one by one, right? Yeah. So if I am looking at the whole situation as mono data Then I am stays looking at my praying because I am looking from my eyes and I can only see my and I will only think that what the is wrong with her, right? But if I think from a third person perspective see how I do it I think amazing movie all member at home or move it over here. So the movie jewelry okay to obtain your situation with you can also make a dole out some 0 pele's of met with cheesecake under huh Tommy quick in Santa Clarita, but Observer will see Barack has a monopoly situation. All those of a crab were able to make Bulgarian people sodium two years ret this situations a barnacle is this is this is one very beautiful exercise. If you can do this really tumhare ego tumhare Basics Tamara's of goods to molybdenum the other two situations acidic. All right, that is how you will develop being aware aware Uno Kyoto kids up to make with delusion now to be chaotic. I'm a lookout they could just in love with it. This is a Metro religious freedom. Simba honey, clinically abdomen and is a practice that will give you that one eek eek totality with a cheese course. I'm not gonna like after its tuition. I think in this situation you are the only guy who's thinking like ganga me Johnny say up so jolly and of hurry to in general lighting. Ooh, hey Booboo, so Indian Superstition. Hey Kate. Here everything is related to but I know I am saying that these things are related to fear early due to fear. Yeah, he superstitions. Yeah. Yeah man, of course, this is this is this is basically Travel Town Square. I forgot about the term is called irrational fears are irrational fears right here. You are asking us you see they are Rascals use cases of people. You cart Liga. Yeah. But but maybe I thought okay kick it up as the that is between rational and irrational but you know, let's not go there but fear Jovi superstation month ago hamesha fiocchi bespeak you one thing so 2 Omega is a theory based upon their cooking Jo in sung cuprous oxide are Casella the unknown. Yeah, they are known right Jose, you know do somnath Hello sobs internal agreeable to see on the recovery media. That's how human beings function or fear to by the muses of safety peac RT down low. It is no stupidest thing to think about. Well, maybe Toby isn't a measurement signal to be someone who can waste eventually told you who carry or potassium look towards other he cautiously Let me click but Oka be quick. You know toward your thoughts could rationalize Khanna is very very very necessary. No fears are good. Like in some cases tell me the case, you know, like Kappa batata regular like a situation meant involve. Hona chahiye and like that is true. That is true. You know, there's some situation this calendar to me. He goes naughty and he cannot hear but that shouldn't be out of here some room. That should be out of logical reasoning. Logical reasoning in the sense kq9 he cannot see is the Calcutta Hova. You know, I was always successful man, and I realize this thing vary from very early age. Okay, ake a billionaire. All you have to be successful in Sanko, very successful very successful. Take care of crucial things in the Human Torch successful. I don't think it's like they're assigned someone Joy then progress stopped, which I don't do things on the way near blew up. My human nature me is problem solving a Upon creating millions of years a problem solving wrapped new upon questioning about problem solving in a kosher animal you knew talks about the river. Don't push any other problem. Hey tues problem concerning sadhana zero, but the problem was Kelly's solution do not concur with that is what being happy in totality means that is what for me successes case of Zindagi to Morgan. The real but tomb who show no, I don't think so. Like Okay, cool. So not sorry, but you can't accept that. Except what like other Zindagi African Maria to you can't accept like, okay. I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it. Well, why not Nikolai, me to life will two-way see before you die everybody blue, tiger woods' tiger woods' keys in the bravado we have has because you know life them up. Sa this is an inevitable event, bro. You can't compromise, right? It is done. You're invited but like there is no compromise. You must You must act like you can add into two different way like unhappily or happily. But according to you, I think according to your and from me also, I think the second one happy reaction is the best thing that you can do at that moment. Yeah, the real world even though you're happy as well as you are reacting. I'm I'm adding. Are both Point. Okay. Both are Point like you said happiness is the key. I am saying that not compromising is the key. Birthday is another it's a combo will be their best like Sonia Petrova. I mean that is true that you shouldn't compromise but bro, there is no compromise when you're happy now that's that's the whole point K. J- SUV to Montgomery. Literally mother your life will knock you down at any point of time bro, that could be anything any point of event. That's that's what I'm saying now happily react girl. React much Guru. But he that he acne or not. You have to act you don't have to react react chemically with I get two men they say, you know example is a molecule. they store the and Bill like Name manipulate - so what's up with this situation about him to get admit? They admitted potassium too many other reaction 1 reaction. It begins on a Jew Lucas are a bunch of cuckoo situation. Someone who is actively act canoe or react cannot get a different photo. So your point your intent or what you're saying is correct. Okay to me whose situation can there sa action lineage and so solution-based action limits here. Or question energy is given which is another who got a winner of season. To that takes a toll on your mark. Some of them are too many low, but he was all attention is on get real jobs will be positive, you know physical reaction this mental process. So powerfully kids doing son- sourced a husky body- react and Elizabeth emotions and positive Source type ski body positive reaction like that. It is so powerful. That is how your energy you know tomorrow energy I samantabhadra. It's all chemical is solved one energy turning into another energy. That's why it's interrelated to Mother bath Guru ji K JC key fiocchi vodka. Okay to give you Cohutta Anna. You know a staple or is Step be under it which photo shoot is steps and iskandar syrup or gonna ego come Karnataka confidence of Karnataka escalation of core knowledge gains anybody up Courtney Lee gratitude. It's little other logic bomb a middle point gotta sorry. Sorry, nobody start to gas but made a point what I was trying to tell you about successful and unsuccessful. People was he just successful with Anna? We'll make a pile BtoB isn't a or of Nepal btob's rent a movie with me. He thought so stage resource. Didn't songs I mean, so toward the her in Saint Joe asked them to the crew successfully was I mean, so what I was capable euthanasia resources digital camera position Camtasia to resolve but that doesn't matter prove to Musa use case a girl to whom at Horizonte. Some of the vegans only gym membership lyric here nowadays. How many facilities accessible fireplace is also home to more may be back ASAP bodyguard The kind of resources that we have E mobile phones open a half million are my eternal powerfully in Zankou. Millionaire. Billionaire banaszak. I born beom Jun jie best YouTuber and week Samsung 30 won't be another video today buses personal lighting up. The lighting is time with show video camera quality movies or a paper tiger emu. That's it, bro. Whoo foreign YouTubers or platonic category. From what from a Samsung phone which did not even cost him ten thousand bucks. Okay, it's never about successful in some capacity thoughts or differentiate. I'll need them. But what is the difference between the thought process of a successful human being and you know my concern was that like do you think go and bomb has some quality of successful people bro. I mean socially toes successful. Hey because majority support karate. Like I am going to be all sorry. Tick-Tock is Stars aware and and a robot will be to could scar Rayna Miguel would delete teens are Posh a gun to use video. Banana melegari. This guy did deserve more. I mean there's nothing to deserve man, like extra catch a year Fame no money quality of life, bro money to Hamas Nicolo ingeniero totem Consulting because of two side-by-side important resources. LT we will solitary but this guy is successful. Yeah, bro up new cowards, Indiana judicata with Victoria. Yeah. That's my point. Don't like who he is. He such a but it's not like we said bought me a little tomato egg doctor the way the doctors. Turn it over to Oscar nominee doctor. Also its Carnival America America me. He's a doctor. Okay, and he is famous as brutal job Guru no films a year. If you get back, we could bad meaning Ortho ask about him to kick we sustain easy to be bothering me Engineers take perspective a bottle of water but distance and Luke are nearby Woods of Africa some of the anomaly, but I'll be able to dissolve course, but Baba deserve audience Anchorage this make any chocolate. Avocado mousse Norma Rae. So why in sand is okay and to be very honest, I feel kick Cohen's on couch weed is owning a pair. Everything is borrowed from the basic Amarillo be kissing a kamiya taco be or would be kissing a comet Agave. Is this boring you just a vessel to pass our episode array. Do that is the truth of Life season, but Integrity organs change every six months or nine months, right? I'm not a biologist. Wait, so let's say inaudible. I think I think if you ask you understand you understand my point like yeah, like your skin your tongue pallets to make into docile Kendrick nines on you to basically, okay. Now you organs get replaced your your skin gets replace your taste buds get replaced and the things around you get replaced you age a little you know, So things are variable changing bucovina. Look Naval a mosquito jewelry, except Carlota to job to miss barkow surrender to my sleep. Salman Khan Salman Khan, keep a flop flop This Love This Love This Love This Love This Love on me through what I wanted. Jose Jose Bollywood, you know box office Guru because I basically go so they could attend a buddy buddy Luke Joy j'ellooo, you know you call them as stars. Why do we call them star? We call them that because they are not reachable if people at that high level can fail And then succeed to open to buy a pump with each level pain when you go to be billed girl named the zeppeli. Um, yeah, so take a open coding your self-esteem baby any social problem. That is how you will always be happy and motivated and you will have three most amazing lives. But don't you think that the maruska said to me affect though America tomorrow? Don't only affect you but it also affects your family. yell family photo To buy you some bullying you or water as Lee Taemin kassadin eeka buta opening volley or you so blue consultant of you look Samantha thinks he's a Buddhist. What was our point the point was K, you know? Okay, if you're determined enough, you know and to muddy Basics clear when you do B6, I remember three years about fear about being a waves. About having gratitude gotama a chronology of nachito Casado. Hey to Mary pass cookie possible. Okay, then you will lead a very happy in a very aware aware lives sunroof. That was my whole point you and you were saying the other home feeling beautiful garhwali factotum. Ali-A be my fake name will be some of the things that is going to be the right time to really help them. That is the whole point that if you want to live happy be, you know, be aware enough to understand things around you and like how is it going to make you a leader if you're aware, then you will be a leader because when you're aware, you may need to make action-reaction volleyball bully. Understand this a leader will always have to act not like it will never react other quick company. A COA is a leader of operations of over here is a front head. He's the name. He's the game other somebody Sue's him a fa, you know, we're dealing with a coaching you want to come over. And Korea to somebody that person will understand the situation then taken action towards it and that is how know the Optima. We're okay to to meet someone Mega kit to make this, right? So that'll that'll make you leader. First point. They can chop them aware of, you know, what does being aware mean gay, you know so much any option situation go there was some other videos that he made pretty situation. Ge Ge Ge You or Miku you know those little little answers those things that you'll understand a chase a that'll make you leader eventually because the bottom Jesus some odds are too Tom. Then you are a calm human being to make we akane-san golly. We're gonna to make for acne forever. So you develop leader leader kind qualities? When you ask yourself the basic questions and when you do the correct thing, so the point is that we should not react we should act right? Yes. We should always act. Yeah reaction is kind of like immediate response to some situation, right? Yeah, of course. You must first think about a situation. And analyze that situation and do the most appropriate action is actually and for the terms of social Arena thumbs up. Come on Lucky You Know Myself say make live example, but account maybe South Water Caye me reduced to a series of very very good friend of mine from of a long time ta she got She got into a relationship all those cables remote support from but milk without me for asking but are the key. It's not my thing, bro. You will be forgiven who made those that he's a bad career of the universe namely me. See she has been my good very good friends. Like she's like my best buddy year since of a long time. No also vo schedule boyfriend monitor. He had a problem with me you care. Who made those day on your server to put Samantha new and also digest me we bought so Monday. The whole point is K one day. He called me up and he was like okay are here he started abusing me and everything and I did not react to that situation because I knew kills the frustration cause they are I because I was aware enough to understand K by musco possessive feel or a two kisses in the game a circus War. He's got one you here. Wouldn't you do golly dare Mo GA kureta. It's almost as equal to a coke bottle down the car outside so far the only card basically when you accept He started crying on us after half an hour. He was crying because he was helpless. Woo. Woo seok Karana husam acree accent who is insecurity in some cake mixture has under sagarika and he wanted somebody to listen to him. Yeah, as our apis time react coz Theta then situation by you are gonna give Dolly bother be much love will you. We conclusion in ecology Direction your to make me go fulfillment is gonna go full circle, but me good of my you pull tonight. I want to conclusions. So I took those conclusion based actions and brutha capita and host committee, but there, isn't it. That's a real symbol. In which he was apologizing to me in which you know, he was crying about he was telling me about everything in his life. He told me about his childhood traumas and should bro. Soldier against and get an exotic sequence on Suboxone is here Jamaica situation Daytona to me Cory Lidle. Take care for Vincent Vega. But your dad this this kind of mindset really makes me happy man. This this kind of mindset really makes me an unforgettable person with a mental peace and each years of data. That and that that gives me control that gives me the power. That gives me the power can make it easy or for power Duquesne ago, like every time you can't be so considerate. Yeah, you have to be grow. That is how you make a change if Just suppose an example like I didn't watch the movie but I heard about it like a good shoes. Maybe one day they do it when they get a ragging her there. are there Okay, so lonely one. I'm sorry table 21 whose mailbox summer. I think I did. So I'm going for the whole movie Agony but group or but J Sigma Chi right in this area. institutional virtually every sector soundtrack like other was on Dragon will even more rangering ski only the big wins on dragging Curry too muddy to to musky Humberto or ragging big bagging to assault or other that is basically while eating somebody's private space to go to like chill at a time. You can respond like Holly. Like whole kissy seniors ago sticker. Oh Reagan cut. Mm. That is what I did. I went to my college. My name is Abdul Malik Nadeau subscriber are senior to see I'm I'm good with women. Okay. I know how to talk to them. I know how to you know. Mother BC me kupatana. So I did a very smart thing. My name is Inigo Pagoda and manuscript very key part of body. He was more than happy broom. Erica be dragging me with my seniors kids are going and talking about hypothetical situation like Bruce Lee in the real life situation and the situation. Hyundai or other seniors cute in your garden, you can teach a second. So how about one degree? Cushiony police met Joe was Bendigo Peter Waldo, John Seymour guado. Just kidding. It's a it does everybody has the authority with which help you with that too empathetic ragging candle jail time quetta. Make a high priority. I just gave you one example where you can't you can't be some come right now. There are many examples situation. I'll figure out the value of a lever to its magnitude. That's a exalted jail. Only two of the Bayou several Congressional police K squared over K C. So the point is you have to be smart. Also not asset to any gift item Durga wants a bulldog one me right now. In this situation that you're talking about if Mohicans will good night TA or senior ski video with you say to you know, a Oso any survey go on the diagonal otago total. We'll talk later. Little we needed space personal space they not honey. Look. We told him but he continued to other queens other two male bees and maybe a dozen a beer or doesn't who you writing a letter to the no work together or doesn't look at those so he could together or hockey stick close again, though. They were in somewhere. Some other owner, you have to be smart to make this is your session you are not right. They of course will come you're not come through from react to another and yeah, marne-la-vallée do situation even more extreme situation the first thing to authorities about Johnny over to social Authority with my help me Korean to repeat those all together. Bellows topology Double date or step? I salute sleep initially to Omega s units in this may appear only notes are here to salute to my soul to read too many high authorities pathology from the South Korea my to me the other atmospheric CO2 case could do was get away. Monica to look old case. Can I go skip a space and then here though? Okay Sookie. It's an eternity Dogo Mentos tawaf quick defense defense attorney David free maybe. Mother this is this is this is the Constitution or the to my purpose any a case learn equal to V. They will give you a lawyer but the lawyer will be very shortly. Holy. Then how you're gonna handle this like, whoa, actually, I go teacher. What's hello Ellie guy. Would you dare you to scan the table hypothetical situation into my garden more educated children? Group, whether to put me her something we very own is lagging case or the rape case or do I say assault while okay, so tells me the victim with a boonie heart to various QQ dicta a second victim economy is very prominent. And other is a hooby data, then you can change your college or you can see in your city, you know, the other K of X ultimately experience karate will be smart enough to understand K of me writing units here now a situation moving sandwiches. Because of the Rubik's Cube at the here to base our children the children are now experiencing he has to learn something anything. So G tuna to our couch and then understand Seduced and is Henderson knowledge idea then research about it on Google the case of Thomas could diffuse classical situation for some of those so that's how you can handle all this. And what we do mother make white bottle cable extreme sounds perfect to me through college or you could also call it. So, you know, Nick was a subpoena and you know, you did your stuff to cheese Cottage up in some garage Cortana pizza. Oh, that's so showcase how this thing all starts. Bellator Tiger Tiger to energy burning energy Benito negative energy burning, right? Well, the basic chemical cave formations I engage the scandal of K negative emotions Nicoletta, right? And then then political body effect or Whiskey Bar. He'll he'll do some to you. But ye shall eat you gonna go see Patrick yogalates. Then he'll recall Emile understand you think as dr. Arata. But eh is easy herbarium song is how he agrees in the Huggies Little Women. Are lagging her Quixote is very normal. Like I don't think the data is a karate via. I just chose one example. Yeah, I understand OC example queasily 31 My sole investor came you can't be calm every time but you know, you guys react not react. But according to you act on to act unethically to to Mississippi last AP with a comedian author. Okay, right. Um call me Hoagie other tombs if you're not, you know. Calm then you will be basically be either angry frustrated sad. Yeah to initiate into emotions with Anna frustration sadness angry and helplessness is means on couch bigger design. It's me in sancocho bigger data, or without thinking not to think you will have to be calm. And to be calm you'll have to see the whole picture from a third person point of view. So it's a process if you exercise this exercise that I told you in every situation in your life you will you will understand key KC to Masala father. So point a you know key like calm Dana smarter Anna Karenina and act and a soninke acne Colonel act Colonel, but calmly Carla. Calmly to key setup the other information report to new situations where other well for the otherwise, otherwise some conclusion conclusion cleaning crew come to apply ego satisfaction neglect. Anna Eight ninth, but not as a hobby is particularly like or school calendar Carl meth. What's wrong macaroon? Cahuenga means learning how to make opportunity Bible. Now what I did was make nice cool key building second floor figure. I I I try to look at them, you know cake on a Amigo cumin a new code snippet. The Middle School call girls, bro. What is the name of Joe gow Samantha? So now he got frustrated up cattle. Mailman. Bendigo put lost nearly 7 billion people his communist or this technique. So that is how it is to me to make calm too late. But an improvement Association is very make you communication systems all the way up the video below. You have to be smart. Now up to two together to assist you have to be smart to understand Kim iaea situation now maybe communicate with a hard to make a key resources was time to fortunately I had my phone. That's why I got sick phone knew that Omega call Karthik a car. That's my question. calculating other male phone. He wasn't together Thomas Mann. I think school Me by another phenomena teacher gets about oh, yes a teacher kusari body, but of course broom and manager. Oh God. Oh my God. Oh God sobbing Coulda the garage pujita and forth. You avoid me settlement was he that is Liberty game undernea What do you see eventually assess Kalyan situation that is how you should be in life. He'll throw back Society rooted control is a good conversation man asked them through sandwich like golden words. So my golden was would be That you, you know, do not react to anything. ever in your life be positive as Park. And become as and see how your life changes. Have you tried this thing in your life? Blow it this our example, but I men are the eggs. This is all. Yeah, the what are the changes that you have seen? The changes I've seen is guy I get in less trouble now materials a bottom man situation hundred calorie count people come now because we're emotional quotient. That's how you get to the a lot of people who I helped because of this and Venom because I'm calm to you know, Qui Miracle a similar relation of how do you know what Socrates act numeric control many thiam attention all this along with America pocket algorithm, very control minion retention is good o any and So My Relations got better. My decision-making got better. My mental state got better. I became more efficient with my stuff because make a Cheesy effect me capacity model, but you know. Other methods car round to my could go wrong miracle. Well, I'll be talking about the talking. to dddd dddd of poems under her watch A lotta Loose Ends Be able to go buy some with money you get a little bit out of practice going to say coffee or spassky teaser. So here we marry. Yeah, that's it. Bro need these. These are my golden words. And this is this is all that I have to tell you right now because I'm feeling very sleepy and a but yeah correspond very stable. Right now yeah, I live in Japan. I know pretty good. Plea a key statement. Yeah, how is coated? Oh, it's good. But I mean full of pressure. Yeah, I know why environment or a pressure Ridge of high pressure that teachers are good teachers are very good. But Amara is able to run it as a communication gap. Yeah, of course is who of medieval down- it's all about quality of Education. Amazing really brilliant Brilliant Minds. Yeah, but You know, you're gonna communication gap, but just imagine a party. Yeah adopt party so much to your paper. Follow me ger Bottom t Bartok. You don't go I have acne although Teague able to teacher there to make you understand help like I think it's fashion. Its getting passionate could go in here. Let me denote each other each other so that he can eventually it depends on the student or get that I'll never have to be very honest. Very very fucking. This detail garage 30 get they would help you in a bit. It's cool skate. You just say all get each other more or difference as long as you're cool / home say bad at not loving you like put again the teacher going on solo cause I'll be signing off now okay with amazing talking to you blow and Do your best and you know follow your dreams have fun with your life just be calm be calm and be amazing. Thanks. I hope someday, you know job my boss installment longer Autumn body gone for engineer Bon Jovi the mumbling. I hope you haven't enjoyed we want to bro. Just be happy. That is all. All I want just be happy. So mon. Okay, man, okay. I I generally come my semi be awesome. But what can you do? Call me again? We'll talk so much. Okay. Bye bro. Good night. Good night. What's up? Archaic? Yeah, fantastic fabulous. And what about you Goodman? Are you Indian? Yeah, I mean the end are you from the south? No, I'm not from South. I'm from North. I live in Chandigarh Dad. Yeah. Of course, even I am a Punjabi my dad from Chandigarh. I've been there man. That place is crazy. I can't believe you're from 2001. Hey it so how is under your nowadays? Yeah. It is very fantastic as usual before also. It was good. Of course man, you know II went I went to Chandigarh when I was in 10th class. And the first time I saw anybody doing doing heroin, Oh my God, and that that that that thing scared the out of me when I saw somebody injecting an injection and themselves willingly it the will go in the section marker and could go. Yeah, it's just that's why it is Edna would happen job, but There are many of the people who has amazed the World by his remarkable Feats. Like we have so many persons around us can be recognized like you rash things have ugh and all those are people's are from Chandigarh Donnelly. No, Sportsman keys. They are the pros and cons like we have the negative expected also as well as the positive expect like the person who belongs to Chandigarh a can be you also and can be the person who is a drag the drug addicted or something like that. So, where are you right now means you have been to Chandigarh before but where are you right now? Of India y-you listening to this podcast. Yeah. Okay. I'm from Jay Perman. So any questions regarding the topic you want to ask? Okay. Yeah, sure. Sure. So what is our topic that why being aware makes you leader? Yes, exactly. The topic is so nice. So how what what you do you say about your topic? Let me clear that what your topic is. I'm not getting properly that why being aware makes you later means what do you mean by this? I mean that is a very interesting question. That is actually that you know, when you aware, first of all, I would like to clarify what does being aware means being aware means understanding whatever happening around you. And whatever was happening within you. Environment and then only we can become a leader. Of course earlier always always will assess the environment. They will always know how the environment is like that then only they will be a leader then only they will be able to make better decisions. Isn't it? Exactly exactly right? You are right, right. So your ends. Yeah, that's a very great thing that you are telling that if you are not concerned about the environment and where we are leaving. and if you are not knowing such things then we cannot achieve what we want and that's not a sign of a leader but leader should communicate also now with the person like some another like if they will not have conversation and they are awaring like I am knowing about each and everything that what is in politics going on what in my environment who is the leader and who is a Okay, everybody. I got to go now. Good night.