Hello everyone. I'm nickel and you are on health talk by hell defy me India's largest health and fitness app and with me we have Alpha from Hell who's the scene and nutritionists has a file name as joined us high alpha. Hi Michael. How are you doing? I'm doing good mikkel. So Alpha is been in the nutrition industry for over 15 years. She's been working with healthy side me for what I did. Working with those people walk across what tickles and together we will be talking about health in general and today particularly you'd be talking about on why is Health imported from you know, why? Why should we be talking about health problems? So that will at least lately the ground is or future conversations. So here goes what do you mean by health? So Health in general or being healthy means that we are free from any illness or disease and if you want a precise definition, it is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being. So when you're healthy, right you are able to work better think better and even sleep better. So imagine going to work with the headache right productivity suffers for going to an exam with a fever. You can't write the exam. Well, so to this is what we call as Being healthy. It should not be associated with something like wait, you know people associate help with weight, but many times people with a healthy weight will have some medical conditions which can cause illness right? So, right right, so it's not about your ability to run fast or hit the gym early and give those basic cetera. It is just about being healthy being free from illness, right? All right, that makes sense. Right? So why do you think it's important? Why is good health important? What? Oh good health in general affects everything we do in life, right whether it's working or whether it's thinking or whether even if you want to sleep well or you want to eat properly and your body can digest it all of it depends if you are healthy or not. So that is why being healthy is something which we pay A way for a healthy lifestyle that is what we call so that you are able to function well in life. So what do you think impacts Health the most is it a food on this exercise if we talk about food or exercise, I think both complement each other both are needed for good health, but yes diet does play an important role because after all what goes in our mouth is something we need to control much more for example. Like little if you go for a 10 kilometers walk and you burn say 300 calories, but you come back home and then you have like a tub of ice cream in two minutes. And then imagine the calories that you will put on right so diet does play a major role. That's true. That's true. Like we were discussing earlier, right? I think abs are made in the kitchen and not of the gym. All right, right, right. So true. So true. Yeah. Yeah, we all of this right? I mean Samosa gulab jamun, all of this is like just 300 calories that you will take an hour to be able to burn it off between but in two minutes less than a minute to gulp in. Yes. So how important is it to choose healthy foods? How do you do this? How do you do it? So in general the notion is like, oh I have to become hell. I have to start eating healthy. So let me prepare. Let me you know decide and people think it's like a chore like it's a difficult task, but let me tell you it's something very easy if you think of it in a way that it fits into your lifestyle, so when You want to choose healthy foods or when you choose healthy foods, it automatically leads your body into a state of balance, right? You eat good Whole Foods fruits vegetables and your body gets positive energy and it feels well and at the same time if you eat unhealthy foods, like you said Samosa blob jamming, it throws body into negative balance and you start feeling sick. So it does matter to keep choose healthy foods over unhealthy stuff. Right, right. Sense, that makes sense. And besides food. What is what else do you need to do to maintain good health. There are other aspects of Our Lives such as your sleep habits your of course your physical activity and even your level of happiness or your ability to you know, main manage stress all of these influence good health makes sense. And if you know if there's someone who's getting started someone Who's never been actively living a healthy lifestyle? How do you help them get started? What what are some of the basic changes that they can make a thinking? Okay, the first and foremost thing is you cannot get healthy overnight. If you are leading a particular lifestyle say you're working long hours eating a lot of junk food. You're sleep-deprived and you think from tomorrow I will start doing everything, you know eating healthy sleeping on time and going for a walk every day or gym every day. And you start and you'll do three four days something comes up. And again, you're back to the same routine. So the first change that I would advise is take small steps at a time something that you can manage immediately. For example, let me give you a very small example getting up and having a glass of water or in taking a bottle of water to work. So that's a change which you can do immediately and you can even follow it for a period of time until it becomes a habit similarly. Early, when you talk about eating healthy, you can try to you know, substitute one meal which you can make at home, which is a healthy meal rather than have trying to incorporate all three meals as healthy nails opposed to what we keep eating out. So buying more fresh fruits and vegetables or foods which are in season which are available to you at your fingertips. So these are small changes that one by one you incorporate or say going for. Walk at least on the weekend or if you're going to work you climb up the stairs then taking the lift. So something which is very manageable and starting off with these and then develop it into a routine and then over a period of time it becomes your lifestyle that makes sense. So obviously there is so much that you can do to become healthy. Right? Right. So who choose your Foods better to be able to exercise but yeah the point that you made so I think you know we will we will discuss how you can make small little changes how you could how you could choose your Fitness dreams and again and so on so guys tune in and we will be we will be logging of right now as a starting point. Probably get start getting healthy about getting healthy I do so much. All right, that's the first step also nickel right tracking what you eat. So you eat the gulab jamun you track it inhale defy me and you'll realize that such a small gulab jamun has more than a hundred calories. So that that itself will give you that Insight of choosing better Foods. Welcome. See you soon. Bye bye.