Hello, I had a job for you yester. So welcome to the facts open chop. The guest for today is the visitor visa for bloggers. All right, let's do a patch for once again. So to check in and tell you something about your background. What did you study? And how did you get involved in cooking and started an Instagram Food Channel? Okay, so I did my graduation and BAC back technology and then I did my MBA and First job was in a private sector bank that lasts for about 40 years and post my marriage. I was looking for some options where I can bend down something that I am passionate about and that gradually started writing reviews on tomato. And it eventually led me to a food blog cooking cooking has always been a part of life. I am born and brought up in a food. The family so mostly for all the conversations revolve around food. So this is cooking was always there be when I Was A Bachelor and we were living in a hostel. So we used to cook. So this is from cooking has always been a part of it, but I never thought that it will become a full-time profession for me. So this is how it all started. So the mainly from the zomato writing the reviews the story started evolved I was saying, Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was gradually start. I casually started I think if you don't do my talk about the restaurant that I visited about my experience with the food I tasted there then I thought why not start a blog and write the restaurant reviews there and also since I was I am a married woman and every day we are cooking. So I just thought of there are a lot of recipes are simple recipes every day recipe so why not just spend on it somewhere and share it with The audience so this is from where the food dog started and I thought of initially I thought of keeping it to just the restaurant reviews and and and the cooking that I'm doing every day then gradually. I thought listen to your traveling so I am experiencing and I'm tasting new food. So I started sharing about that as well on my blog. Okay? Okay. Okay. So you travel and you experience different food of different. So and you're trying to start a blog on that, right? Exactly. Okay. So precise I ask you. How would you describe it as a Greek words? What would they be? So if I have to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Okay, I'll say Avid learner. Okay, and a creative person I'll call myself creator person and someone who is always curious to learn new things. Okay curious about any new thing. So it's more towards learning anything new and fast learner. Right? Right. So case tell me initially when you started your Instagram Food Channel, what are the challenges you face? Diana died I was absolutely new to the world of Instagram earlier. I wasn't even aware that Instagram has become such a big platform initial idea was to start a blog and that was on a Blog then I thought then I kept reading and I kept learning and then I realized that Instagram and Facebook. These are a very nice channel to promote your blog and to bring a traffic. So I just casually started clicking pictures. Forcing it on Instagram and the challenge that you face is because there are a lot of Food Channel than food previous these days so basically to find a space for yourself and to keep it real so that you don't get just influenced by some other food blogger and you are just starting started to copy what he is or what he or she is doing. So just keep it real keep it yourself and find a space for yourself in this clutter space is the most Challenging thing that you will do that will experience. Okay. Okay. Okay. So so you mainly started building blocks from there you came back from there the idea of Instagram initiated. Yeah. Okay, so, can you tell me I see that you have an amazing Instagram presence. Can you tell us more about your journey and how you managed to have such a fan base of nearly 40 K followers put it basically started as I said it was started with the simply with my in my kitchen where I was not really aware of how to style of food and how to take good food pictures and I used to just click. Only the back to the food that I was cooking and I was I just kept posting one thing was consistency that I kept posting and I kept learning and involving and gradually you learn styling you learn how to take good pictures. So this is how the journey started and it took me around good three years almost to reach where I have researched and the journey still on the learning never ends. There are still a lot of things that have to learn and and and and and improve my Instagram feed. Okay. So you keep you first thing you try to maintenance the consistency and folding poster and and and definitely good photography is what attracts the audience. I'll go to put pictures because you eat with your eyes. So well style pick or a nice click picture is what you need to attract audience and followers. Okay, so that is someone that is the main key clicking good pictures and posting it right here. Do you have a particular kind of you know, how are you you do all kind of Q ziens? So yeah, your voice was not overly. Okay. So do you focus on preparing a blob or taking a picture of a particular scheme using your Instagram channel is more into a protocol using or you are open to all users. Like where's non veg occasion? I Chinese, I mean that he it's open to all green. I I initially thought of or focusing on only Indian Cuisine, but then I thought Share what I'm cooking. Let's share what I'm learning. So it's a mix of all you will find restaurant reviews as well on my feet and plus different different Cuisine beat the regional one or beat any Continental Cuisine. So everything will find on the page. Okay, so you are focus on all type of Cuisine, right? So, can you tell me what do you say is your greatest strength? And what about your biggest weakness? Strength, as I said, I am curious and I always felt there's nothing that you cannot learn to just you have to focus on what you want to improve and you can eventually learn it weakness weakness. I would say sometimes I just I'm just involved too much. I just dress myself too much in this learning process that is sometimes not needed. You just have to pick a date things easily. So this is what is it? I just forget to No violence that okay. Not not that I'm within stop. You can stop you can take rest. So a distress myself too much in this learning process. Okay. So you feed your take a lot of stress. That is your biggest weakness. Yeah, sometimes I do. So can you tell me about your dreams as a child and give you always wanted to get into the food industry or did you have other dreams aspirations as a child have a child? No food food industry was never on the agenda. I wanted to become a doctor and I ended up being a banker and then after working in a banking sector and the get beginning the corporate experience there then I That this is I want to find a space where I can show my creativity and I can just be myself. So this is what eventually led to the blog and then I then people say you have to realize what do you have to find a passion and blog about plug in the certain Niche. So this is where food came into picture that this is a everyday thing and this is we not for ever since. I've been living alone or being living in a hostel. So food will or has always been a part of it. So this is where food came into picture. Okay. Okay. So after working in banking sector, you realized you're not able to come up with your own creativity. So you flashed it was are doing the blogging and all right. Yeah, do you have expected any particularly any stuff herders or challenges during your this journey of blogging and then creating an Instagram sleeping a good Instagram fan base. Did you find any challenges or how does He had challenges was since I was totally unaware of how these things work. You are not aware every day the Instagram algorithms change. So the so you just have to know understand what what this this Instagram game is all about when I started my blog. I learned everything from scratch. I didn't know how to set up a WordPress account and the SEO thing and running Google ads everything from the scratch. I have learned it. So that's what I feel. I it took me a while to stablish my piece here. But yes, I'm happy. I learned a lot of new things in this journey. Okay. So you learnt everything the complete digital marketing, I would say yeah. Yeah. Yeah exactly put it in the right the land which I of course or you did it online. It was everything online various articles are their YouTube videos are there. So these are my sources from where I learned. Thanks. Okay obvious, and you all implemented there. Yeah. Yeah. So what motivates you What motivates me is when I receive a lot of lovely messages from the followers that they try the recipe or beloved of my feed. They asked me questions about photography or or any any positive feedback that I received from. My audience is my motivation and I just see a huge potential in this wheel and blogging Instagram adjust a part of it and you can you can you can grow. Not in this field. So this motivates me there is endless opportunities and this so this is what motivated me to keep working and create good content that I can share with my audience share in the followers. Okay, so the positive feedback mode to keeps you motivated, right? So, can you tell me what is your greatest fear or and how do you manage fear will get it in security video so that I don't get lost in this in this clutter of Instagram and creating my own space. This is this is the only fair that I have a fan. Have a follower base and these people stick with me and how come I will come with you. It's just I have to keep doing what you love and you have to just keep sharing keep learning new things so that you also evolve with time and with the latest Trend. So this is a dis is the only thing to go about it. We are only man price keep going. Thank God into place. Right? Right. How do you define success? Yes. Success is like different from everyone don't lie. Depends upon what what field you are in and for me success is I always wanted to be in a position where where I could again see no to work if I want to so this is if I was in a job, I you you don't have this luxury of saying no to something that you don't want to. And I believe I am in a position right now that if I don't want to take up some work, I can say no to it. So this this is the what I feel that yes. I have achieved that success in life and I have taken the right path. So this is how I define success for me. Okay. Okay. I'm so what will you enjoy outside apart from doing this food blogging or posting pictures on Instagram food food pictures apart from that. What do you love enjoy doing it outside of this your daily routine works. I love traveling. So whenever we get a chance, we plan a trip. Maybe it could be just a weekend getaway, or maybe some other location. So that is it and I'll try love doing a lot of DIY stuff. So if you don't find me blogging or shooting at you will finally watching the DIY videos or doing something creative at home. Okay. Do you love traveling about from your daily routine? Yeah. So as if you have to offer some advice to a person who is just starting out in the food industry is trying to prepare a Channel or trying to open a restaurant or trying to With The Blog game what advice would you give them? I'll just say that keep it real keep learning. There's lot of learning that is involved in blogging it. It's not easy. It's time-consuming. And since you have prepared your mind that you want to get into this field. So doing good research learn learn things so that you will save time and growing if you are aware of the the trends or how the YouTube or or the blog works so you will be able to achieve Much more easily and more quickly. So that is it and learn improve your photography. That's the best thing beat any free weed food or be travel photography is a very critical thing when it comes to Instagram and blogs. So this this this will be it. So keep learning keep learning and keep improving and keep improving and and Fortune and recognize what you are passionate about. Don't don't just do it for the Sake of doing it. So that's also very important because eventually you won't be able to last long. If you are not passionate about what you are writing or what you are or you're clicking pictures. So this is important. Okay? Okay, so who has been your greatest inspiration throughout your journey. I love a lot of bloggers it work is just amazing if I have to name some Indian blogger. I'll name this Cafe with me Hamato. And she prepared a lovely videos of Indian recipes. She promotes them a lot and the barrage car passionate about baking her photography is some other level I just love them. Okay. Okay. So do you have what are your plans in the next five years? What are you planning to do have some plans for that? I have planned for the I don't know what or how many years it will take but give Definitely. I am willing to create lot of video content. I want to grow my YouTube channel and basically make gravy days a brand that people can find lot of recipes and and stories about different food different culture. So this is how I plan to shape them at my page in coming years. Okay for you want to increase your YouTube fan base as well? Thank you. Yeah video content is I will be focusing on and and a place where you can find travel and food stories. Not only YouTube content would be more of a video the recipe content. Yes. Yes. So basically a place where you can find a lot of recipes from different different Cuisines and I and apart from that food that you will find in different parts of India or maybe or in the world. Old so food and travel stories about from that recipes is of course there that is a main content. Okay? Okay. Can you tell me something which people really are not much aware in the food industry like everyone Cooks everyone these days open a restaurant or every day and this day is like you must persevere the food, but the app is also there so people try to post it people try to sell some food some people. Good success in their platform some people don't so some things that you would want people to focus on or people don't know don't add up the awareness chop the food industry and how customers come in into the foot like this days. You see most of the restaurants will open very soon. And after sometimes you will see the restaurants are closed down. They don't run windmill. So what is the main reason of their were? The people in the food industry find it because there are lot many competitors is days. So how to overcome this. Okay. So basically I would say understanding the audience or understanding the the customers customer base still. I don't know how many people are will be will be opting to go for waffles or pancakes for the breakfast and rather than understand if the Indian audience is more into the Indian food to try and Try and bring both the kind of food to the customers rather than just being a niche thing. So see when it comes to Instagram page. What happens is when you start out you don't get a lot of followers and people just keep looking like they should attract followers and they should attract numbers as soon as they start the peace they get impatient and maybe that's the reason then they gave up and it's a time taking thing. We did a blog or Instagram page to to pick up and together and to attract audience. So so basically just you have to keep posting and try new things. If you feel that the thing you are already posting is not working and you're not gaining enough audience. So so try the tempting else it could be food art. It could be some Creative Photography to gain the audience so It's just keep seeing in this keep thing what works for you not everything works for every page. So we have to keep trying new things to gain audience and when it comes to restaurant, they are popping up every day. So for for being a customer I can just save The Taste is not worth going for or the it's not a value for money thing then eventually you won't attract any customers and you end up shutting the restaurant Okay, so many people should focus on the Indian Indian food not focusing apart from other put the Indian food should be the moon main focus because most of the audience would require life. Yeah. This is what I feel and I have experience when when the there are very few restaurant was serving only exclusive Cuisines and they are doing very well in my experience. Of course, there will be a lot of restaurants which are gathering Huge hill customer base, but this is what I feed. Okay? Okay. Okay. So what kind of audience do you have? Generally on your channel means it's a mode of women or what age group they fall under each group will be between 25 to 35 and it's a mix of both if I go by my Instagram and like 'no analytics it will be 50/50 person. of men and women Okey-dokey, so I thought some of your Instagram post there's are actually the photographs that you have posted on your food item. It's very appealing. So what kind of camera do you use for this it totally depends upon how much time I have so mostly if I have a well-planned shoot. It's a DSLR or if it's just a casual quick and glad casual click before I serve the food to family. So it's Different one. It's a phone click. I use my iPhone to click the pictures. Okay, okay. Okay, so it was nice to be rich and famous and it was nice connecting to you. When I saw your Instagram channel the food looks very tempting yummy.