So you are welcome to our platform Opentalk. So here is our audience would be hearing from you. So I will start with this.So Manisha is the most love Zumba and Bollywood fitness instructor, and she has come on Opentalk platform. She has around three lakh subscribers, and she has received the woman Achievers award 2019.So I would like to congratulate you on this and she is the Founder and Director of the Tonique fitness studio in Jaipur and she runs many branches of it and I see she's been certified with different types of Zumba like kids Zumba, Junior Zumba, toning and step. Hi, Manisha so here so I would like to speak with you on this. Can you tell me something about yourself? Hi, Astha. So as you know, you already spoke about me a little bit. So my name is Manisha Nowlakha and I'm from Jaipur, Rajasthan and I am a master trainer for Zumba and teach Zumba regularly which is the Zumba education specialist for Rajasthan so I overlooked all the training and officially licensed people to become Zumba instructor in Rajasthan and teach Zumba regularly. And of course, I'm a fitness Enthusiast. I love working out and of course my love for dancing whatever made me choose Zumba as a career of choice and coach for the love of dance and fitness and also a youtube and verified YouTuber. I also had the silver plate button and very few women Zumba instructors have this.Being a YouTuber It is fitness programs and people sometime member kids. Okay? Okay, so can you tell me something which people don't know about Zumba any two-three things. Can you tell me? Zumba is copy write and brand from the US. It's a dance program and been mistaken as a dance program. So it is not a dance program. It's a dance fitness program.We take dance as a medium, but our idea or goal is working out but why I see this because being a YouTuber when I post my videos got a lot of comments coming out that this is not a dance particularly. Well, you know, this is a common myth amongst people and of course, Zumba has established way back in 2001. And of course currently, we have lacs of instructors license and instructors all across the world.There are around 190 countries practiced Zumba and done daily. And of course, there are 8 specialty programs that Zumba has.As I told you Zumba Kid and Zumba junior, Zumba toning, Aqua Zumba and then they oppose emerges in water than the stronger the mother. She's an excellent program to HIIT or and high-intensity training which people who come for the workout and they want to dance as well. It's a beautiful program for them. Zumbini program is for both the mother and toddler. It's a very cute program that the mother and the toddler both come to the class and they have hand movement, especially for their developments. Okay. So this is a new thing which I found that in this both mom and baby coming together for the Zumba class.It inspired me. What is that? How are the kid and Mom able to do together? They don't dance somewhere from nine months to two and a half years or three years so they come in with the mother the parent and what happens is during the class. They are made to hear certain sounds and they're making certain hand movements along with the mother because they are more comfortable with the mother or the father will choose to come into class. And this is for the development, you know at that age for them to have hand mind and body coordination of them to be able to develop physically better.They have a movement that is the idea and how do we connect with your parents either for Mom and Dad and by to music and to movement which is not danced dance, but i movements like moving their hands and touch the how you grow more strong bond between the mother and the child or the father and the child. So that is what the program is all about. It's so nice to know about this and the first time I came across it. Yeah, when I was not aware of this. So you feel Zumba is going good in India and Rajasthan. I see the same it is going good as you mentioned. Yeah. So what about in other parts of India?People are doing it well and people who are taking an emphasis on the Zumba. Yes. Yes.of course. It's growing and growing and has a very good momentum going on and currently has every gym has a dance studio. So every nook and corner not only Bangalore Delhi Bombay or Calcutta but also the small towns or B-cities like Surat, Ahmedabad and even the 3 tier cities like Jodhpur, Patna, and Dhanbad.These cities have licensed instructors not to be the next Tuesday even smaller towns and DC dirigible not for red forest and Stewart or and Abad each disease and even the seeks to know that she cares for these naked, you know many joyful or but not even mad indecent even licensed instructor. So, of course, it is going great all across India and even in small pockets of India. So I'm glad that I'm seeing instructors in Patna, Dhanbad.Zumba classes are happening and in Himachal Pradesh Zumba class is happening, of course, you will find in Trichy, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaislamer and even Kota and smaller cities like Bikaner. Why I've been happy about is women have been able to create an alternative career for people.You know, so it's not a traditional work like a nine to five job and empowering people and pushing women like me to take all the needed career. And flourishing and making them independent and that's very good to me and very encouraging to see wherever you travel you have Zumba instructors all over. So not only in Jaipur, Rajasthan but in places like Bangalore, it is a booming industry.We have more than 1000 Zumba instructors in only Bangalore city.That's great. Oh, yeah. Yeah, so can you tell which age group you find shows more interest in practicing or learning Zumba? So, Zumba is meant for all ages of men women children everyone from all ages why I would say because out of my experience of seven and a half years of teaching I had clients who are man 55-year-old lady who's 52 years old and some kids are 19 years old who come.I could not categorize a specific age group, it's for everyone because music and dance make everyone happy and if everyone gets attracted to music and dance no matter what age group they are of course it attracts all age group but you would see that men shy away from dancing.Genuinely would see 80% of your class would be women but no age group as such. It can be any age group. But I see 20's, the '30s and '40s would be maximum age group that we get but yes, I'm so happy to see older adults and I also forgot to mention you the very beautiful program, which is called the Zumba gold is the gold is meant for active adults that is 50 years and above. And of course, I can teach Zumba gold.Also in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune Zumba gold classes are happening.It's not meant to be for a certain age group. But you would see more women coming to your class and specifically from mid-twenties or maybe late forties is the age group that is more attracted to Zumba. Of course, they love dancing, they have all the reasons they want to be fixed. And weight loss is very much. Yes, it is very true. So how many studios do you manage of your own and what challenges do you face while running the Studios.So currently I have 2 studios and of course, have tie-ups with societies as you would see and I do send an instructor to their places and make them do.The challenges you face of course as an instructor you asking me a challenge or as an owner of a studio what difficulties or challenges you face while teaching or making them practice or running the classes with the audience and the people around.So being the Zumba instructor myself what I feel is the challenge is that sometimes in these two-tier cities people drop down the rates so much then it is difficult to market your classes yourself if you keep up to your rate, so that is a challenge in Jaipur that I find that some of them may be the individual instructors are they don't know what the format is.Have that much confidence in themselves. They can ask for the purchase price. They pull down the price for us to market our classes and to sell our classes and we have to reconvince people why we are charging this much.I need to bring them to classes and then to retain them with that kind of price which they are asking, of course, is a challenge we're doing good and as a Zumba education specialist or a master trainer also again as in the markets with instructors as a challenge because then they'd really cut down the prices and because they do not know what they're teaching they teach anything and everything the price is very low so as a master trainer find it a challenge to convince them to come to our training and learn it the right way and of course it is a certified program. For them to learn and take a license and then teach and convince them for the money as a master trainer is a challenge. And as I founder and owner of the gym, like I said, of course, to again to compete with other gyms because gyms are coming up.Fitness is a big thing every nook and corner has a gym and studio coming up. So of course to up my market and how I have to be different and give more and keep bettering myself from others and how I look different, show something different and keep different myself from the other crowd. And the challenge is to keep improvising and it's good to have the competition and healthy competition so that I can better myself. So I find it challenging yet in fulfilling, of course, I keep working hard on my brand and how to build it.Okay good to know.So, can you tell me what is the basic rhythm of Zumba? I just wanted to have an idea of how Zumba started? What is the basic rhythm? What are the steps of Zumba? So in what I'm the master trainer for basic Zumba one. There is the entry-level for Zumba and four rhythms of Zumba that is Latin dance, which is salsa Merengue, which is from the Dominican Republic, transcribed as reggaeton which is from the Carribean island of Jamaica and another one is from Colombia. These four are the main rhythms that Zumba mainly consists of.People believe that is about Bollywood. It is not. These are the four rhythms. And of course then we later on in the basics to also add some more six rhythms that is belly dance, tango, flamenco which is from Spain and there is a soca there is six more dance style that they add-on in the most popular and the essence of the Zumba is a full dance style and the Salsa is from Antartica.Okay. Can you tell me some benefits of Zumba? So the benefits of Zumba of course we all know that it is a dance fitness program so fitness is the essence we must call ing people to teach Zumba but fitness is the main aim as we all know the main most essential benefit, of course, is a great calorie burn in Zumba class as one hour a class will burn up to 500 to 700 calories in an hour time and the best time is the benefits and USP of Zumba. But according to me what I see is the main benefits for the Zumba is that is a stretchy workout. Okay, last two questions. What advice would you like to give kids women's men's while they're practicing or learning Zumba? While they join but of course, I would suggest that they should always take a class from a license or a certified instructor because when they are taking the class from these people they know their job and they're doing it in the correct way keeping in mind the health issues. They know the health issues. They know the health concern and keep in mind your safety and client safety. Don't get injured or during a class or you know, they know those things don't keep you in and they know the dance style and they know their music to, of course, you should be taking classes from a licensed instructor. That would be my suggestion and your this practice any format in a consumer or workout to be regular rated to show results in your that would be my suggestion for people while taking Zumba class.Any of your upcoming events. You wanted to tell your audience here. You can please tell me I'll go ahead with that. Just to know, I have a Zumba master class in Udaipur in the mid of November. Remember at the end of November. I have a master's class in Delhi, which I would record traveling too far. So you have these two events are the upcoming event, which I'm looking forward to. Okay, so great. It was nice talking to you. Thank you for your time. Thank you Astha It was my pleasure. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Bye, take care.