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Hello friend. How are you? I am Rafiq Shaikh long time last 10 year ago. I am the only one person of the all world in Pune city kya hai working with on boys with my but last 10 year old bicycle only only cycle motorbike you I am only use only cycle for the home page object home last 10 year. I am working on job and there were also I go to only going on cycle in area on Pune to this is a sticker record last 10 year. I am using only cycle cycle cycle because I have no money so purchase the bike purchase by thank you.

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Arabic : Native
English : Conversational
Hindi : Fluent
Marathi : Conversational
Urdu : Conversational

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  • When looking to make new friends, how do you prefer finding new people?
    Listen opinion4 months ago
    5.11 all friends, how are you? I am Rafiq from Pune India I love to travelling and food and most important is in my life is friendship. I love to friendship very very Friendship anyone like to friendship. So please all friends joint with my friendship group. 9 7 3 0 0 2 6 0 100 my friendship group number full of the friends ship, please don't ok bye see you all friend.
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  • Is fast food healthy or unhealthy? Are you a fan of fast food? Which one is your favourite? share your opinions!
    Listen opinion4 months ago
    Hi friends, how are you? My friend. How are you? Happy New Year I am your new friend Rafiq please call me and help me for English improvement and thank you for This app is very nice app for English grammar topic is fast food. This is very unhealthy food. There is a girl is not very using a very good. So this very risky for the health. So very danger for don't ignore this and take a with when you go to the job School used home homemade foods. This is very good for the health.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    Hello, good morning. Hello happening. Are you all friends is open. Very good for improving English and help me for the infirm. Eilish and I also called with you. And this is a very good platform and I am also very Ranger English. I'm better improve by this app my English and the new friends and thank you. And thank you all friends live. Call me and help me my infant English. Thank you. Happy New Year.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
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    Open Telco very nice for me. They give me a good platform and thank you for the opal Tech Team UK and you are alpha like this educational group. So, please please add me Eric fischl family. You joined me order your electric or the lightest educational apps all please send me and you are all over the country singer for the I talked with the better in English and your other languages.
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