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Hey guys, whats up most of the people been asked me. I mean had your interest self introduction. The main reason why I'm using this app is to improve communication and the cement reason for anyone in that matter whether install this app and been using this app me just to improve the communication and at the same time where we can I was making new friends from different states in a particular country and at the same time will have a chance of getting the form people the way they used to speak this language and the standard of food. And so many reasons for being there I am using this app just thank you.

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    Is the reason why am I using this app is to improve communication anything in that matter. Most of the people been using just improve communication and apart from that reason. I think just two graphs on knowledge from different state people where they can make a conversation to in this app and at the same time where we can have a chance of making a conversation with the foreign people which militant Ammo and at the same time when it will our chance of understanding this land of language of the used to speak and the using of the standard standard board Akshada thank you open talk.
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