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Hello guys. I hope everyone is doing well. My name is Mahesh currently. I'm staying in Bangalore India my hometown is Tamil Nadu what are you doing in Bangalore as I was walking what is startup company called IBC media, and I was a web developer that so as of now I am planning to put my job and Entrepreneurship so I am looking forward to speak with some peoples from Idea and get the reviews on like how it going to work. So if you have some three times and you want to spend some quality time talking to a person and I am always there for you. Don't worry, just give me a call please speak.

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  • Do you think it is ok for men to use cosmetics? How much?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Ok, I think you know the interesting topic to speak about let me tell the only cosmetic I was using for may be past one month before and all I used to use Mini cosmetics like aloe vera gel and Vaseline you know, but finally I came to know eternal not working. It's just a marketing give me its ok. The only cosmetic I was using right now is nothing but that one and only coconut oil. Yeah. I think it it's so wonderful know before anal used apply many creams for my to take care of my skin. But right now it's winter season. No, I was end up using Vaseline e. But to remove the dead skin cells, you know, like the white a white patches when you get after you take a bath, you know, this is only apply coconut oil for your day here as well as for your face as well as for your hands and legs pics of in perfectly fine. I think many office was not trying that ok. I just suggest you to do this in the night before your going to be it is really helpful just go for it.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    hello guys and my name is Mahesh let me clearly tell you I am using this app before 2 months I came to this app to learn English actually but after 2 months talking too many peoples what happened is let me tell you a story an interesting things are happening why because I am connecting to some good people actually I'm a student I finished my engineering looking for some IT jobs ok so what happened is if I was connected to some software developers are some people working in IT industry I able to talk to them and was I can update myself that what exactly happening in industry so this kind of things in a none of my parents or teachers can tell to me why because it's the people who are sitting there can get me what programming language is 22 ka what decisions to talk when I want to go to a certain company actually is not about learning English it's all about talking to people because you are you won't get the screen of opportunities when your when you are you using earphone only so useless opened
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  • What are the resolutions you are planning for 2019?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    ok the three main measurer solutions I took was the first one is to eat eat healthy always to avoid junk foods and error after I am going to eat only healthy foods and 2nd anniversary protein and I have to go to bed at 10:00 p.m. wake me up at 6:00 a.m. I have to follow this for the upcoming next year and without a solution is doing meditation daily I have to spend at least 30 minutes for doing meditation tell in the morning so this was a major 3 resolution so why I took this resolution is this all the things were the main concept of resolution is the modern things proving that if you are doing a particle thing for 40 days it will become your habit so you think about if you are doing the same thing for 1 year it will be like you so the habit and became you and you want you will love doing that are actually so that's way to 20 resolution mobile doing this daily and without skipping ok and wish me all the best to all those things because it was a biggest thing for me and thank you for this opportunity
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  • CM yogi approves Ram Statue? Why are we spending money on building statues?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    let me tell you something for all those who is telling the discharge was bad India was wasting the money on statues let me tell you clearly a thing that was a biggest market behind the statue so for example if you take from Statue Delhi placing in the city car place which means it it it is not give you money like just by collecting the entry token of 25 rupees 3301 give you anything but what happened is replacing a particular big statue replacement the place will be grown like a foreigners came and they stay in your room and they pay the rent the day by your Indian food for everything will be going from the place to directly or indirectly they are purchasing something from India so what happened if it became a tourist place and it will help of Indian government if it is like a kid like a kind of investment we do so for example if you take your dad will be no Singh on land no like wise government was investing and statues I am sure that will be get back the money within maybe 2838 itself
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  • Whats your favourite food? Lets pledge to eat healthy food from today!
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    so basically will come to this food topic there are three categories like food contain high protein so normally fitting food means a basic food contains protein fats and carbohydrates Ltd CEO carbohydrate can we defend into took two categories simple cards and complex carbs so the matter is if you are eating more Complex, you will get more fat if you eat some simplex, the Corpse will be converted into energy for you won't get anywhere any wait ok so you have to choose your food like if you are ok can't give means you have to go ahead with some protein food protein rich foods like egg whites and fishes and meat and chicken fikka normal guy and your daily routine is somewhat like sitting means you have to go for some AC of simple carbs food so it will make your day active all throughout the day so that I am eating healthy five me up so it was exactly helping me to track my calories so go for it and eat healthy so which will give which will bring a good life
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  • Say it 5 times as fast as you can (ofcourse accurately too!) - She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    So here let me give you my opinion here and I was practicing this time to search for a week. So let me start the thermostat to self. She sells seashells at the seashore. She sells seashells on the seashore. She sells seashells at the seashore. She sells seashells at the seashore. She sells seashells at the seashore. She sells seashells at the street in my room. I had a whiteboard soaked in the Whiteboard and everyone will be looking forward to taking my neck update means I'll be seeing the code so easy for me to do this. I think you may be right in your notes.
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  • Why are new friends important?How many have you made this year and how many on Opentalk?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    when comes to new friends topic differently give the credit to this open talk you know before I installed opentok I was like I only have friends from my own place and my 18 you but as of now I have friends from other countries to like that we spoke days and hours and I have a very good friend from Pakistan she was a girl I not even spoke to my my own classmates but I have no I have a friend from girlfriend from Pakistan and from Bangalore and have a very good friends and Bangalore as well as well as in Kerala solution Punjab so I am just giving this friendship wishes to everyone in open talk because we are all connected hair like a neurones contain in brain you know so this is the right way we are spending some quality time in opentok instead of being in the Facebook or Instagram scrolling the news feed it doesn't give you anything but we are here to talk to some friends and to make some good friends so happy Friendship Day for all your eyes
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  • Pakistan is selling all govt. luxury vehicle & Punjab govt approves 400 luxury vehicles for CM, ministers for 80 cr! Is it really necessary?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    wait what phone records of course bro 404-406 a big deal you know like it's not a normal car actually there mention in research a luxury car right so getting 400 luxury cars for it crosses like a big deal like I think it was a profit for India but if you have buying this for India for some other reasons means it was so what but you are just buying this for Dam politicians it was waste of time and waste of money so I think this this deal was so good phone record was 400 luxury car for a teddy crore rupees was a big deal but this don't believe this politicians don't deserve this so that was my come on here
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  • Can you tell a gripping story in under 1 minute? Give it a try!
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Heeriye man from Kerala he was so good in teaching so you are so good in teaching is concept of his friends so what after teaching to his friends he moved to a group stage so he dz2 some thousand peoples after that he moved to 10000 peoples of you are so good in teaching this made him to start his own startup in Bangalore so after starting is Bangalore he was he he he created on App so he said that so I have become so viral so it was pregnant too many peoples and they was started learning from that app so this makes Mark Zuckerberg 2give some money to give some shares for this this guy so he he exactly growing is company so it is none other than byju's Ravichander you all guys know this app and call the byju's so like this was a famous story of a guy from normal village to be a multi millionaire in Bangalore
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  • Leveraging social media can be tricky. The critical case in point is that whatever you do in life eventually lands up on your social media profiles.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    what is being in social media is did you thinking that I have tried actually you are wasting your time in social media I am the type of guy are you social media like before 5 months I was like using Facebook for half an hour then I get bored then I go to Instagram then I get bored then I go to WhatsApp WhatsApp and I get bored then I go to Twitter I get both so there looping again started then I go to Facebook then I go to Instagram so this was a daily thing happening to every people right now so what I am trying to tell if after quitting all those things after uninstalling FB after uninstalling Instagram I get more time I was like I was like I have more time to think so what I am going to do next what books to read next what are the things I can concentrate so I am giving I am getting so many times like I am exactly getting many times to think why I am doing this so don't try to be unique be unique and uninstall the social networks it will help you to grow in your life
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  • Share the top news on your mind at this moment!
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    the biggest news is India's match to West Indies that everyone know but before before some days what happened is Rohit Sharma and followed Virat Kohli in Instagram and other social platform also why because is there they are awesome fight in between which Armaan Kohli because maybe because of like Kohli not taking Rohit Sharma in test teams and also this may be a reason but what I am trying to tell if he want to they have a personal problem there their partnership for so amazing the partnership was about 200 runs you know it was a greatest thing like whatever the situation you have outside the guys should we are friends in the pitch so this was the greatest news this shows the dedication to the Indian team
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  • Is internet so necessary today that we can't live without it for 3 hours except in emergency situation?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    so if you guys really want to use internet in useful bae means just go and uninstall all your social media like Facebook Instagram all these are equal stuff it it would help you to get all throughout your life you know it was one of the bad thing happened in internet in earlier days internet was called as knowledge Treasure because if you have any doubt you don't have anyone to act so I have to go into a many books and yoga for all those things to get the exact answer but as of now we just doing everything so within a single text we get the answer so use this Treasure why sleep so that we can be very good person in our life so just uninstall all the social media don't use this internet for social media and sharing pics you won't get you won't get anything I just simply getting like you know like just going to social media you staying tonight like a pro
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  • Do you enjoy writing, reciting or listening to poetry? If yes, do share your favourite lines.
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Of course, it is very life-changing for me. I'm a kind of introverted people and I don't talk to people like if there was not my friend or if they not belong to my family means I don't talk to them from my childhood days. I was being like the truth open talk just broke all those things and it made me an extrovert. Like I don't know who the people I'm talking to but I enjoy talking to strangers and keep on talking to them sharing my thoughts getting their ideas and their point of views. It really helped me to put something in my life by talking to strangers. Of course. This instant happened. I talked to a guy he gave me very kind of advisor. So I'm just I want to follow all those things. Thanks for can talk to give us the kind of platform to share our thoughts our to everyone.
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Wow, here we come to motivational quotes. You know what I'm standing in my room and my room was filled with motivational quotes from the for side of the wall. I was sitting in the center and preparing for my exams, you know, so here I'm going to tell you some motivational quotes which was in my right side of the wall and left side of the walls and I'm going to share some basic chords that I will always read when I was entering this room. It will help me to motivate while I was okay. So the first quote is when you sweat a lot in the time of Peace you bleed Less in the time of War so and the second quote is likes number one goal is to give best shot on everything that you do and the third one is your soul might want to conquer the world. But what do you do if your body can't listen to it? And the fourth one is no matter what happens the Bill Gates or the monks.
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  • Should cricketer's wives be allowed to stay for full duration of tours?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Of course bcca won't follow their wives, you know, the main thing the BC say I wanted you to play asses while heating the world. You guys have to concentrate on the ball not to your wife. So this was the only restrictions they have to make you know, what like I exactly seen the match. Why in the match Logan Sharma want to hit the six where his wife was sitting there? So it's like yeah, of course they want to give something to their wives, but don't do that in the field of okay just have this in mind when you are in the field just concentrate on ball not on your wife's then everything will be fine.
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  • Dhoni Review System better than DRS?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Yes guys actually dear at the Stoney River system and don't even sing his interview. He mentioned that and whoever may be the keeper if keeper was behind the stamp means he's actually a voice captain of the team. So particularly the keeper can exactly see all those things. Like he exactly know the angle where the batsman going to hit. So he actually mentioned that the keeper was a vice captain of every team so border maybe the team is really a Pakistan Australia because these guys know where the ball is pitching where the batsman is trying to get there. And so it's apart from DRS system or dhoni review system. Then those Keepers can exactly find but let's take if you if you take some Keepers like what you said like if you are going to be the butler in England means Butler can go and take this review. He can go and argue in England like if route was Captain or Morgan was Captain means he will not go and argue or something like that but in India we have
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  • Should India be cautious of Bangladesh as they look to bounce back after yesterday's defeat
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Guys, Whatever may happen India going to win the match, you know. Coming here and fighting between India and Bangladesh and all, it doesn't work. So we already see how Bangladesh performed in Afghanistan. This Rashid Khan single man just beaten the Afghanistan, sorry Bangladesh. So it's not a big deal for India. So but we can't underestimate this Bangladesh team. But it will be a very nice match to watch. So kindly go for that you know. I think it's 90% chance for India to win the match.
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  • After scary performance against HK, Can India win against Pakistan?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I think the winning chance of India is too low because our match against Hong Kong was not that great. We just gave our average performance only because it was not that great to DJ. We just win in the margin of 24 runs because that that was not so great. Actually Pakistan is somewhat good in their bowling so our main weaknesses our top order batsman will be getting out of the getting out of the ground really earlier in the bowling was so good in the opponents of that what we said in the previous Champions Trophy. So I think this match will be having very surprised movements and also apart from Pakistan winning or Pakistan loss or India winning or India losing the match will be in its epic. So it was always great to see India and Pakistan just yeah, it will be like Aw between Undertaker and Kane, you know,
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