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Hi,I am Asad from Bangladesh.I am student.It would be my great pleasure make my thinking or knowledge share with other person in that app what i know according to my capabilty of studying.I can express about culture, historical movement, little bit Drama of English and daily activities.That would very precious things that whenever a man share his opinions with other fellow who are really curious to know other parts of the world and that matter will help to gather vast knowledge. Over all this effort will make you think to do something for your country and get you being a patriot.Basically your mountain of kindness of the knowledge will hold a welfare state for your country in the world.Thanks a lot getting the privilege of spreading my thought,opinion,knowledge over the authority of the Opentalk.

I speak

Bengali : Native
English : Conversational
Hindi : Conversational


National University
Gazipur, Bangladesh
Branch :
Communication studies
Studied :
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Passing Year :
national University
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Branch :
Communication studies
Studied :
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Will India be able to win down under and clinch the series at Sydney?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    well it is easy to win the the test for food number test because in Australia to the lake a senior player that's why this effort is cat on the president of astrology that's why India will kill the four test India vs West Indies
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  • Do you think it is ok for men to use cosmetics? How much?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Ok well cosmetic for minus equal and one man can use little bit for half yearly skin in this way, he can Express live status of rationality and expression of her general AC units and some good attitude expression over another voice and other medal and in this way he can fill up for 10 persons attitude and other attitude 95cm include this to his attitude is completed. So I think there will be fishes for a man not onlyFor women below Superman but special offers exchange not more so that is my opinion about Kashmiri for men.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Keval everybody knows that this app install for during following specific language not only English but also other languages we can promote our speaking skill that's why we understand that have in that have the main reason of using that wish you had cultural activities religion daily activities that's why I use that app
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  • What are the resolutions you are planning for 2019?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    it is really hard to say what I plan for this new year. I have some plan for this year. At first I will try to do something new what make me feel better and believe that it may be a sustainable stand. I will change my life little bit because one year is not an enough time for attaining my goal but that can be an indication of some good view point Of my life and it will be a challenge but I believe myself and I just that this new year I can conquer something what i plan for myself and my family. Inshallah only merciful, beneficent and of Allah blesses upon me and that holy make me catch up my Goal.
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