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Hello, good morning this Ryron. So I am here in this application. Basically, I want to speak to other people to learn about their culture their values their principles in life their dreams. And also how I want to know more about languages and how to speak special Arabic. I want to know how to speak in Arabic because I'm living here in the middle east. So I want to learn it as well as Hindi. And Spanish as well. And I want to practice as well my English. And one more things i want to inspires other people as well to give Hope to the people around me and that's all.

I speak

Arabic : Beginner
Chinese : Beginner
English : Fluent
Tagalog : Native
Spanish : Beginner

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  • Do you think it is ok for men to use cosmetics? How much?
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    Do I think it's okay for men to use Cosmetics? Yes, because men like like woman they need lights. Example to moisturize oily skin in order to improve like to protect their skin to sunlight so it's okay now, it's okay to use Cosmetics leg sunscreen. But how much or how often Maybe? a little bit less than women because They said that there's a studies that. woman is less fats than men so
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