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write that was my first time on this application my name is amalgam l i have graduated from faculty of Pharmacy Mysore University you should I work as community pharmacist for 2 years till now I have got my Awaaz my eyes it's results last talk to her overall band 6.5 from mine so I have to improve my English is the native people speaking English American accent subtraction for 7th going to help me alot I am sending tutorial approved so don't use going to be helpful to me thanks all wish you all the best

I speak

Arabic : Native
English : Fluent

Professional Summary

Pharmacist [Mansoura graduate 2016]
Pharmacist Seeking for more advance in the pharmaceuticals and medical Field Graphic Designer Sociable, Hard Worker , Creative. Working on Soft Skills and pharmacology with passion
faculty of pharmacy, Mansoura University
8.6 years


faculty of pharmacy
Mansoura, Egypt
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Studied :
Bachelor’s degree
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