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Hi guys, My name is Nikhil Mittal and thanks for visiting my profile and if you want to talk me at any topic you can talk and you can see my profile at there. I just talk to people and my current average of talking to every person, each and every person, is above 10 minutes and you can found it really at Opentalk. So I am a very helpful, hopeful and very humble person. So please call me at least once. I'm there for help you, you can talk me at and to pick like depression or fulfilling things at any topics or what you want, okay? And please, please, please call me at least once. I definitely help you and that's it and I'd also take guarantee that you will enjoy the conversation with me and you, between me and you.

I speak

English : Conversational
Hindi : Native


Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology and Management
Lucknow, India
Branch :
Computer Science Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor of Technology - BTech
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Is 'Thugs Of Hindustan' a copy of popular 'Pirates of Carribean'?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    I think the tabs open the sun is probably coffee to the Pirates of Caribbean. It's a 50-50 question-and-answer. I think 50 tons of because from the Outlook you can see Amir Khan is similar like to the hero Pirates of Caribbean and of course sturdy design is very similar to Pirates of Caribbean to and we even doesn't know about the story of touch of interest. And so I think the story can be different the outer appearance and the looks and the ship shape and they have very similar to Pirates of Caribbean so we can definitely tell it after the stories refilling so it's a 50/50.
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  • Zero is the most expensive project for SRK with an estimated budget of 200 crores. Are expensive movies better?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    You're definitely money plays a very vital role in making a good movie. But besides this the this should be proper direction and proper screening proper writing or I think good story. There should be there for a good movie so I can give you an example. Like if you want to buy a t-shirt good t-shirt then if it costs more or so it really matter that it has good quality. If you buy a constellation t-shirt or short it is genuinely expensive because the effort to make this shirt was more and effort is equal to money in nowadays. So I think for yeah, sometimes expensive movies are very weak or very bad because there has not got proper direction.
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  • Are Cellphones safe to use?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    I think it's totally depend upon us because it is also useful also harmful. Let me give you give you an example take an example of knife you can use it as positively like you can cut your vegetables you can use it in your kitchen, but you can also use it as a harmfully also you can kill a person with the knife. So it's totally depend upon persons. If they use it wrongly like it to sculpt or not to watch porn or to scroll Facebook and take got addicted with cell phones. But if you use it positively to watching YouTube motivational videos or to conserve to cut off our surfing good videos, it will help you so it's totally depend upon person to person. So that's it.
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