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Hey guys, you know I like this app so much. It's wonderful everyday. I need to you know. Ulta guys, they are so wonderful and they so optimistic so I hope all the best for you and good luck. Keep talkingking.

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German : Native

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  • Are we losing the taste for iphones? Would you buy an iphone if in right price range?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Weather in my opinion of the iPhone is one of the best phones ever smartphone ever, you know company. Makings of software and hardware and both of them are great actually and you know, it is one of the best thing of iPhones at you can find iPhone 6, which were released many years ago Cameron the lost his OS that's amazing. But the problem of the iPhone it's so easy now for the price. It's prices so high Toes that sit so if iPhone is available in the price, I would buy it but I won't pay $1,000 for a phone that's too much maybe it's me. I know it's
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