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Hi everyone, this is nearby Sharma from Kolkata India here using this app to improve my fluency in English, and also to improve my communication skills, and I'm also looking for French beginners to talk with as I want to learn any language. That is French. Hit me up if you like my intro and if you want to talk to me more. Thank you.

I speak

Bengali : Conversational
English : Fluent
Gujarati : Conversational
Hindi : Native
Punjabi : Native


St. Xavier's College
Kolkata, India
Branch :
Studied :
Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    yes motivational quotes to bring some positivity in life I really so I believe it on the basis of two things firstly when you read something you got focus do that and for few seconds you for good work going on in your mind and another reason while you read some positive thing in the positive mind chain organs a butterfly effect box and my favourite quote motivational quote which is hung on my present and front of my desk is a small Minds talk about people organised Minds talk about events but some extraordinary entrepreneur entrepreneur Minds talk about ideas yeah so that was my favourite quote
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  • Considering his run in domestic cricket, can Prithvi Shaw prove to be the next Kohli on WI tour?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Yes, so I'm just guessing on here whether the petitioner is the next Valley of India or not. No doubt. He is an excellent player and he has a number of us runs in domestic cricket and a list a cricket as well as but international cricket is totally different so we can't judge him on his performance in his past. But yeah, he is extremely talented he can be but not a Coley he can be a professor in future and he can make his impact by his name. So it all depends how he faces the international cricket because international cricket is totally high-leveled from domestic and list a cricket. Yeah, so that's my opinion. Let's hope best for his carrier for his International career and May School well for India, and India will get a great jump in future. Thank you.
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