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Hello guys, this is Omar. I'm a 21 year old student who is studying at Faculty of Commerce Ain shams University and I’ve been learning English for quite a while. ever since I started my college life. I started to get into learning English in a more like regular basis or in a more consistent way. But yeah, I reach I already reached the level at which I can communicate with. Maybe native English speakers. But I’m not perfect fluent speaker. And that's why I'm here and that's why I would appreciate if you can do that together and practice and to fluency each other while practicing different Topics in talking about or discussing different things in life. I'll be waiting for you. Thanks.

I speak

Arabic : Native
English : Conversational

Professional Summary

Draw Your Future - DYF
Head of HR committee
2.8 years
AC committee member
9 months


Ain shams university
Cairo, Egypt

My Opinions

  • Is voice better than typing for google search or messaging (google leadership agrees)?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    When the main goal is to practice your English speaking skills, then I believe the point is that voice is only what matters because simply text is not going to be helpful for your speaking skills because you simply need to use hemp. We need to like move your tongue muscles and work your way up till you reach that level of fluency that you are in four and you can't reach the level of fluid while you are not a speaking and you are not practicing your with your tongue. That's it.
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  • Is Data more valuable than Money in Today's World?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I believe that data is more important than money because simply everything by then. Tell me why he's starting a business and he had a long as he has a lot of funny a lot of capital, but he has nothing to do or nothing. He has literally no data about the market that he's entering and he has no data about his customers. He has known about his products definitely heard he's going to be wasting a lot of a lot of money on that project or end up on that business.So what I would like to say that sometimes they that he's value by money sometimes.
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  • Should Niqab be banned in public places?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    A lot of of people claim that Niqab is affecting the security of us living in anywhere so I would like to remember with you in Egypt specifically, there was a lot of terrorist acts towards the Christians and their churches so I would like to know to ask you guys who are thinking that niqab should be banned because of security reasons. when was the last time a person committed a terrorist act was wearing a niqab that’s firstly. secondly if a person wears a wig if a person who is a man and Wears a wig and put on full makeup and wears clothes that is covering all his body. Would u or the cops know him if he is spotted by the security camera? I don't believe so that's why I don't think it should be banned
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