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Hello you are there. It's me opentalker and I really really welcome to you and I want to tell you like comment using this application from variable now, I think it's a great platform to make new friends to talk with different people to learn about them to learn about the culture to learn about their places like this app. It's been really grateful for me because so I will connect you to so many people throughout the country for the world after people from so many different countries and its its its really really great Experience so yeah. I just want to tell you like it you want to talk with a person openleaf really so I am here I am there for you and come on like that's come together and have a great conversation. So you on the side. Bye-bye.

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  • Mirage jets destroy PoK terror camps. Is this enough?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I just want to say that or comment and all military Narnia 4 Janani with your like on the right track and everyone is doing like which is best suited for the country at this position at this time and they are giving them back what they give it to us. And we will we will do all the other kind of things like the government have sports how many bands on on the import and so many they have reached taxes on the export and everything is going great and we we are isolating Pakistan from rest of the world and we will be able to do that in the coming future Jain
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  • Babar breaks Kohli’s record in T20 for fastest 1000 runs. Can he prove themselves over longer term?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I think it's not about making a record of breaking and it's called the things which matter and Cricket. It's all about the consistency. If you are consistent enough, you can score runs. It doesn't matter. Like how many times do take it, you know, like it doesn't matter like you make the fastest 2013 which matter like who made the most runs. Okay. So cool. He has proved you don't like over the time. Do you have proven like he is taking the most consistent Batman right now and he's you know, like he's making records and he's you know, he's a very consistent player and he just totally changed the game. So yeah, I don't think you don't like right now. There's any batsman in any country who's better that Cody and You know, what just cool is the best.
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