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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated: March 31, 2019

How does Opentalk work?

Opentalk is a platform to meet people from around the world and have interesting conversations. Once you have downloaded the app, simply choose the topic you are good in or would like to talk about. Immediately, Opentalk connects you with another user from across the globe to have an interesting conversation. It is that simple!

Which all countries does it work in?

Opentalk is available in to users across the globe in all countries.

Is my data being shared with strangers?

We are extremely paranoid about data security and ensure that your data is safe and secure with us. Nothing is shared to anybody without your permission. The only personally identifiable information which is shown to the users at the time of connecting is your name & photograph which can be edited any point of time in your profile screen.

Is there any way to contact the people I have spoken to again?

We want to enable you to meet new people and have interesting and meaningful conversations. In this endeavour, we try to connect you with new people each time you want to speak to somebody. However, if you have had a great conversation with somebody, you can place a reconnect request with the user and based upon other user's availability and interest, you get connected.

How can I Level up?

Levels and ratings in Opentalk are purely an outcome of how good a conversation you are having. We do not moderate it and feel that it is important to be transparent in representing the feedback on conversations you are having.

What should I do if somebody abuses/misbehaves on call?

Kindly report such a user by giving your feedback as soon as the call gets over by giving thumbs down and the reason. Also, feel free to drop us an email at for us to look into the activity of the mentioned user and take appropriate action. We really appreciate you providing us this feedback as you are helping the Opentalk community remain good and ensuring experience for other users remain good.

What can I learn from Opentalk?

Conversing with people from around the world, makes us more tolerant, more helpful, more knowledgeable, good communicator and a great friend. In short, Opentalk strives to make you more confident person, a better you.

Why do I have to login through Facebook?

Opentalk strives to match you with another person with whom you can have an interesting conversation. We match a number of parameters across all the users to find a good match for you. For doing this better, we take a few parameters from your facebook account. Rest assured, we do not post anything on your facebook account and your data stays safe with us.

What information are you taking from my Facebook login?

We take a few parameters from your facebook profile to enable better connections and matchmaking. We ask the permission for using these parameters at the time when you login through facebook.

Can I change the details you have taken from facebook?

This is your information and you have full authority to change it. However, to keep it extremely simple for conversations, we keep your profile static and same as Facebook. You can change your name and profile image any point of time in Opentalk. If there is anything else you would like to change, kindly change it in your facebook profile and it will get updated in Opentalk within 7 days from profile updation.

Can other users see my contact details?

No. We ensure that your contact details are neither shown nor shared with any user on Opentalk. In fact, we strongly recommend that as a user as well, please refrain from sharing your contact details or exact location with anyone on the app. Predators can be anywhere.

How much data is consumed?

The data utilization on the app has been optimized to be very low. In average condition, it should be aroun30MB per hour. However, we still recommend being on wi-fi/broadband for getting the best conversation experience.

Is it free to use?

Opentalk is completely free to use. Just download and start speaking to interesting people around the world.

How do I buy credits?

You can buy credits profile screen through in-app purchase enabled by Google & Apple. We will add more payment methods in future.

I have created a talk request and the other user is trying to call me but I am not getting any call.

Certain Android devices might have some problems receiving calls when the Opentalk app is closed. Whether you run into this problem will depend on what device you're using.

To ensure you keep receiving call back from the users on your talk request on Opentalk, you'll need to set your device so that it will auto-start the Opentalk app when a user is trying to call you.

We've collected some instructions and resources below, to help you troubleshoot this problem.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The exact steps for this process will vary depending on your device model. We recommend using the information here as a starting point. Some Googling with your precise model details should find instructions specific to your device.


Enable autostart for the Opentalk app. Open up Security and click through to Permissions and Autostart. Make sure Opentalk is enabled.


Make sure Opentalk is in the auto-launch list. Open up Settings and click Apps, the gear icon, and then Apps Auto-launch. Find Opentalk in the list and toggle it on to enable autolaunch.


Make sure Opentalk is on the list of allowed start-up apps. Open Security Center, click Privacy Permissions, then Startup Manager, and then allow Opentalk App to start-up in the background.


Enable the auto-start setting for the Opentalk app. Open i Manager, click App Manager, then Autostart manager, and then allow Opentalk App to auto-start in the background.


Enable the auto-start setting for the Opentalk app. Open Settings and click Power Manager and then Background app management. Flip the Allow auto-start toggle for the Opentalk app.


Make sure Opentalk is on the list of protected apps. Open System settings, then Advanced Settings, then Battery Manager, and finally Protected apps. Enable the toggle next to Opentalk to allow it to keep running even after the screen is turned off.


If you're using the Opentalk app on a Samsung device, there are a few steps to take:
  • Switch off battery optimisation for Opentalk. Open Settings, then Apps, then the three dots on the upper right corner, then Special Access, then Optimize battery usage. From here, tap on the dropdown menu that says 'Apps not optimized', then switch it to all apps and then switch off battery optimisation for the Opentalk App.
  • Exclude the Opentalk app from any of the battery optimization features on your device. You'll find these in Settings, then Battery. You'll need to disable battery optimization for the Opentalk app, as well as checking to make sure the Restrict background data setting is disabled.

Devices using Marshmallow OS or above Android 6.0+

If you've tried the relevant options above but the problem still persists, you can also try making sure that the Opentalk app is not optimized for Doze feature (battery saving). You can find this setting on most devices by clicking Settings, then Battery, and then Battery Optimization. Make sure Opentalk is on the list of apps excluded from optimization.