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hello this is Pooja and I am here to improve my communication skill as it is very important for for getting a good job and you know on this app I have been getting along with you lots of people you know who are very good in communications and you know they are making us and they are making me to become a good good communicator and yeah that's our improving my language that's all about

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English : Fluent
Hindi : Native


ccs university
Meerut, India
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Bachelor of Education - BEd
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    x. z. zx z z. Xx. x xx. Z. zx z x z. x z. z z. Z z. z. z. x. z X. zz x. zx z x. z. z Z. x xz X. z. x xz. z z. z. z. z z. x. x x z x. z z x. z. zz x z. z. z. x z. x. z. z. z. z x. x. xx. zzzx z zz xz x. z as x x. z z z. z. x. zx x z x. z z. x z x. z. z z. z. x. Zx x. x z xxzz. s. a PHello, everyone. Yeah, and this is a very good and for me so far. My experience is very good. I haven't been talking on these. I will I think about 20 for 5 days and you know, I talked to so many people all were very nice with me and very knowledgeable. So in terms of improving Dora spoken party, I want you to take when you take this very seriously, but they're purple should be very clear. Otherwise, you will not get that much benefit from this app on this app is made for us or the person who is really wants to improve their language. So according to me. Yes, this is one of the one of the best app I have ever crossed series.
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