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Hello friends, I am using this application to acquire actions correct accent and reply can say that correct my pronunciation to correct pronunciation. There are three steps. Ok. So as to write in English words English sentences in written all the letters of English letters alphabets a to z Phonics sounds in English language. Do you need to know if you need to know the 46th sounds in English language how to make all the sun's 46 answering Samsa English language. You need to know the pronunciation of words. There is something stress pattern in English it has definite stress pattern due to learn all the the stress paternal all the words once we learn the word AnitaPattern pattern of the English English is spoken in someone some words and other parts of the water Pokemon higher level higher volume and longer than other other other parts of the world famous England which sound and stress pattern and a regular pattern of English you will be able to speak English properly in a proper manner with right accent. So I am looking for people who can practice English with me. So if you're interested in taking practicing spelling for especially if you are focusing on pronunciation party how the English is spoken the sound system and then please contact me we can together. Thank you.

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