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  • One step closer to making Triple Talaq punishable. Is this a Big push to women empowerment?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Elephants cabinet clears ordinance for triple to lock. This is very good good decision made by Indian government that triple the laughs will not be valid if anyone doing so they are punished for this because tip of the lock is Act made by Muslim religion. They men just giving triple the luck to his wife and this become harassment for a woman because it's false whole life of a woman and the oddness made by Indian government will be very helpful to empower the woman's Okay, soActually, in other countries the triple the lock is not a valid but only in India, but I know now government is trying his best and he will do very well and empower the women. Thank you and good luck to government.
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  • Has Swachh Bharat Campaign led to a cleaner India?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Hello friends today, we will talk about swachh Bharat what it is. It is not a moment for 10 to 15 days as we know the number of people are in India. They are don't thinking that the India will be clean but this will not made by a single person India can't be clean by a single person. But if everyone participating this moment, then they will clean India. Then India will be clean. It will become a foreign country. It will become a hygienic green. Okay, so we have to be the part of this moment such horrid Bernard. This is a very huge moment very big moment. So we have to be participate in it. Okay. Only more they can't do this only me can do this because we it needs everyone's contribution. So contribute in it and do so. Thank you.
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