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Hi friend. Actually I am in Delhi I currently I am a final year engineering student. I love to talk to stranger. I was on tap for improvement my communication skills, but now I have an affinity towards pickup and I just forgot to tell you that I am a big political free I can do it for us on political issues and I hope that really you will have a synergetic relation so that they are spoken english will become fluent very soon. See you then.

I speak

English : Conversational
Hindi : Fluent
Maithili : Fluent


New Delhi, India
Branch :
Information Technology Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor of Technology - BTech
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Is this the doom for Rahul Gandhi? Would Priyanka be better than Rahul?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    yes, I do feel that the I can solve the triangle. Stop being a parliamentarian for 1 minute on Big Bethel.
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  • Do you think Hardik Pandya's comments were casual or bad for cricket?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    Yes, I found the opinion quite the beginning the Hardik Pandya was just trying to be quiet to cool. But in a quiet, you know deleted peshwe and on the other hand KL Rahul was playing like when when he was trying to be more cooler than the Hardik Pandya didn't thought that they are a celebrity now and the anything that will speak truth is following them and youth is watching them so that they should have been very we can say that quiet questions about what they said.
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  • Is Shahrukh Khan losing his Mojo? Where is the SRK of Swades, DDLJ or DevDas?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Yes, I do think that Shahrukh Khan is losing his Elijah the Shahrukh Khan that we see today is not the same sarukhan that has the iconic movies like Sunday's ddlj theaters in my name is Khan what is evident nowadays? The the quality of this group is quite full and very poor quality of the script the directors and the producers of the farmer and the thing that they can fool the people but it's not so the new one new Fresh Fresh & Natural faces are coming every day like nawazuddin and in if an extra so they are doing their best and hands of the Shahrukh Khan is losing his luscious.
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  • Does Simba look like a overhyped ripoff of good old Mithun Da movies?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Yeah, I certainly believe that the semi trailer is. Or hey people fall for the Matilda movie and the Betsy no logic. I mean no Dungeon Hunter Trophy. That's a different matter. That is a lot of reports that is being shown in the trailer itself. Let alone the movie and this will be our payment for the collection on all the Christmas.
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  • GST led to Rs 320 avg. household savings. Did you realise it?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Maitri have not realise that but yes the GST is impacting our life in a in a better way we are the people is quite concerned with the fact that the GST has been updated we have been has the tags on the party items also but one thing is also considerable the items with your ideas or double a text that is the earlier there was a double taxation but now the double taxation has been removed also 13 tax on the restaurant sector has been a slice from earlier 18% to the 5% and hence we can say that all the way it's not required to a significant amount the C20 but it matter
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    FB recent election results has come a very serious question that has been paused to the most of the voters is Modi wave still continuing or it has periods I think it's Modi wave continuous because of the fact that in most of the states are there is a search in the BJP votes the percentage of votes that the BJP of God has been improved at the recent defeat of the Other BJP in few state is attributed to the fact that the opposition is now the planning in a smarter way Alia the acted in a very foolish way but I think there now rectifying their past mistakes and it's not the loose of the way
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  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Guess it depends from people-to-people the answer cannot be a straight yes-or-no. It's a greater subjective question. And if the people have a surplus of money and as you know that cryptocurrency is not a fiat currency. It's not recognized by the most of the economies are what we call the major economic institution. So when should be very question on investing in cryptocurrencies, all the cryptocurrencies is a sort of the hype what I saw it as of now and it has seen a surge in the past of the few years, but it's only that the dishwasher and that there is nothing fancy about it.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Yes, definitely cause of open talk is one of the widely used the English improving the app on play store that you can find as of now and know also it depends on People to People. If you are continuously use open dog of time not in the English-speaking capacity or capability would increase by me for one thing that I would like to mention very specifically is a like other apps. The opentok has very few bogus people. I mean not the most of the people are genuine and they're interested in speaking English and improve their communication skills. So good job over.
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  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Obviously your YouTube is my favorite online TV channel causes what YouTube offers is quite different from that of the Amazon Amazon and Netflix Amazon and Netflix are the new players in this industry. But YouTube being a free content of the provider is that has Leap Frog it now and as as you can see that yardi Amazon and Netflix are also the catching bass.As of now, you know or subscribe to premium based online TV channel, but I think the used YouTube has the most potential is still have more potential now cause the content on then YouTube is the other quite free and it's I mean, it's in the budget.
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  • The satellite would boost broadband services in the country. Is it a great investment?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    as we know the GSAT 11 is launched successfully by are the prestigious an institution ISRO and its the one in the series of the communication satellite the we as we are living in a metropolitan city if you might not feel the need of this earth satellite cause we are already being offered quite a good rate of voice and Data Services but when it's matter to the rural rural infrastructure rural digital infrastructure it is quite important that the person at the lowest drugs should also be a part of the digital Revolution so that's why I think it's not a waste of money but the money spent and it's quite justified
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  • Modric wins ballon dOr 2018 by a huge margin. Is he really that good when compared to Ronaldo or Messi?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    look it's quite easy to compare the overall are the lifetime achievements of Luka versus Ronaldo or Messi but it it certainly true that if we talk about a specific schedule of time like in 2018 I think really Luka has outsmarted the Ronaldo and Messi and it would be not quite justified if we are if we compare the structure of the any player by you know by by by comparing 54254 25 years caused the it should the present form should be analysed and not the overall
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  • Do you agree with Sunil Gavaskar as to why Dhoni, Dhawan are not playing domestic cricket when not on India duty?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I think Sunil gavaskar said is absolutely right because of the oven and the other players who are not in the Indian squad for the Australia should play domestic Cricket domestic cricket cricket is the base of the Aggregate and a lot of young cricketers who are aspiring to come in the Indian Squad need a lot of experience and ifThese players like which have acquired a lot of Body Experience playing in the Indian cricket help build a strategies. And also if we see the quality players in the domestic Cricket, then be over all the quality of the nucleus.
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