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hello friends my name is Malang and I'm here in Pakistan I love to know about other people's cultures their traditions in learning new things around I hope when we will be in conversation we will learn new things about each other thank you

I speak

English : Fluent
Hindi : Conversational
Pashto : Native
Urdu : Fluent

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Books, コミュニティ&環境, Education & Learning, Paranormal, 音楽, 映画, Parents & Family, New Age & Spirituality, 言語とエスニックアイデンティティ, Fashion & Beauty, アート&カルチャー, CSS, Agile Leadership, Outdoors & Adventure, Religion & Beliefs, ソーシャル, Activities, Writing, ライフスタイル, Hobbies & Crafts, 食べ物飲み物, 技術
DESI & Foreigners
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技術, アート&カルチャー, Books, コミュニティ&環境, Education & Learning, Fashion & Beauty, 食べ物飲み物, Hobbies & Crafts, 言語とエスニックアイデンティティ, ライフスタイル, 映画, 音楽, New Age & Spirituality, Outdoors & Adventure, Paranormal, Parents & Family, Religion & Beliefs, ソーシャル, Activities, Writing, Agile Leadership, CSS

My Opinions

  • China-Pakistan relations have maintained a sound momentum of growth, Chinese foreign ministry said. Will this last?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    Well, of course training Pakistan have to deep relationships from the very beginning China Pakistan relations on called is deeper than the ocean sweeter than honey how you did him ideas and also is all weather friendship. The reason behind this is that both the countries are in such a geographical position that they have to depend upon one. Another Tina wants to leave to Africa Central Asia and Europe through Pakistan which provides the shortest spot for trying to reach decisions and Pakistan have the steepest or one of the deepest sea port in the region. We just can't go either 10. I has invested 68 billion dollars in Pakistan a project called cepek china-pakistan economic Corridor. Also China supports Pakistan economic strategic interest internally in also on the international forum. And this because both countries have this good relations.
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