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hi this is Rajesh from Bangalore the main reason why I'm to get here is to improve my communication skills and to talk with the new people around the world so that I have to improve my confidence and the fluency of my English thank you so much

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English : Conversational
Telugu : Native


Bengaluru, India
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Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
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My Opinions

  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    In my opinion cryptocurrency is not good because when you are invested in the equity markets, we know how to value a share how much pay you have to pay for getting the value in cryptocurrency as per my knowledge and not sure how to determine the value of the cryptocurrency. So I am always keeping away from the cryptocurrency and I'm always measured in the equity markets. Thank you so much. This is my opinion.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    hello everyone good evening to all meaning to my opinion open track changing lives I mean really fantastic why because I am using so many apps other than the open talk for improve my communication skills that opened it is very very nice as compared to other apps were people poor is Indus and the technical there is not getting very less technical problems compared to the other apps and so many people in this have the purpose to improve the communication skills and how to learn about the culture and everything is very good signs and I'm using this app since 2 months and its change a lot I am in my communications to be improved a little bit still and trying to improve my pregnancy and sentences in everything but it is really really helpful for me ok thank you so much friends
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  • Share your favourite author, a few lines or why you like them the most?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    hi friends good morning to everyone you are my favourite author is to be the Chetan Bhagat wife because when I read the book of girlfriend I thought I fell in love with the books from the book Amina from the book onwards I started eating so many books and biological to be that is writing and Eve story that he wrote that is the house of the people so that is the reason why do you mean I like them Chetan Bhagat and after that I love to read the novel The novels I read my favourite author is to be the Benjamin Graham there is related to the investment philosophy is so thank you so much guys
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  • With markets going for multiyear lows, is it great time to buy good quality stocks?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    yeah I think it's to the right time to invest in the share market because from January on what is the share market is B fluctuating too much and recently the Ireland FS it impacts the robot in the last month also check in the fundamentals of the company and the quality of the company office near by is the stock and tightly it's better if you hold it for the 325 years then definitely you so much of goodreturns so I feel is right time to invest in share market thank you
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  • Do you spend more time on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon video as compared to regular TV!
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    hi friends new digital economy I Technologies to be changed very rapidly so it is very comfortable the people I mean if they don't have the TV it is very useful for them to watch the movie xy serials in the YouTube Amazon prime and Netflix NTPC the people who are living in the rural areas there still watching the movies on the television and enjoy the life so it is to be depends on the person and purple particles in a person person perception this so if you are coming now if no Nobita students and Jewellers a very much comparable in seeing the movies and everything in YouTube Amazon Prime Amazon and Netflix thank you so much
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  • Is the Paytm the financial product you use most frequently?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I think Paytm is a very good have because we don't need to bring the cash to anywhere sorry to be useful when we don't have the cash flow and even small source also I saw the Paytm so it's a good thing so sick of the digital economy always spend the demonetisation effect everyone is in the Paytm so paid I think freedom is a very good Institute of you bring the cash in our pockets to be very used to transfer the money through Paytm
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