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Hi, my name is family from Germany. currently I'm finishing my law school degree in the city of Andrew here in Indonesia. With this app. I hope I can use it daily and also improving my English and it's kind of frustrating of skills. Also. I want to meet with the minds of the people. Around the world. Thank you.

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English : Conversational
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Sunda : Native

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  • Another flight tragedy, 189 passengers on board LionAir flight crashes minutes after takeoff! R.I.P our condolences!
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I hope the family of the falling people of real dependence for dinner We hope for the best for them and I hope that Indonesia Air flight system will be improved very soon. Because since the last 10 years there is there already so much accidents in the seam of flight transportation in Indonesia. I hope the government heard this and make this as a lesson. And make a Swift and fast Improvement in the future.
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