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Hi, My name is Rupesh I am from New Delhi and I want you to talk about anything in which you are interested. It can be anything no matter what even if you feel that what you like is stupid you can still talk to me about that. I will listen I am here to not just to improve my English but to improve my listening skills as well and to be a good conversationalist. That's why I am here to use this app. So feel free if you want to talk if you are on the same ground to have a great conversation contact me.

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English : Fluent
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New Delhi, India
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Mass media
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Bachelor’s degree
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    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    say that I felt like first of all changed a lot like I install that on like in June and then it has changed a lot and improving day by day and the main purpose of everyone I think is to improve the English now it's better when better like you can get connected to a need to speak to anyone from any part of the world notes of 1 bag with the bigger purpose like to get knowledgeable as well as well as like improve your communication skillsand now I only use it for like talking to people from abroad like specially from the native countries so that now I can actually talk with their accent nasbandi purpose now which I have using this app other than that most of the time I do not get stuck while I'm speaking like I do feel
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