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Hi everyone. My name is mahmood. I'm 21 years old. I'm studying civil engineering to curious about all kinds of science, especially philosophy of physics and Mathematics. I'd be more than happy to share my my experience and my knowledge in like in learning English language and also learn from other people about their Journey Through the way learning learning the language and getting better better in it.

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Arabic : Native
English : Fluent
German : Beginner


Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University
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Civil Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor’s degree
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  • Which one do you prefer - passively sitting and consuming good content or actively playing an eye straining game?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Okay, first of all, whoever Old Fort and I can write it wrong because it does not look like this but in terms of being actively being passive, I think the Bean actor was better cuz infarct nights are done. A lot of things are getting way more energy than you do when you watch a movie on Netflix and creativity. Like you're having some great ideas when you're playing the day the game. So when you're watching Netflix, you're doing nothing over and over and over again, you're just staring at the screen watching some movie. So I'm going to go with for tonight cuz you're doing something we like doing something because I did not.
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  • Should Niqab be banned in public places?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    I take it you're not happen in a motorized country as Everybody's Free to choose what to eat and what to drink and how to appear in the public according to YC's face that is convenient for him. So I think this is a restriction for but for for personal freedom as the gunman Tim, if it sees that wearing something like that is unsafe to the public it can take any procedure to do just keep the safety it all the public by the same time not respect people's freedom. So I think this is this is just just not correct.
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