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hello, everyone, my name is saif I am 25 years old from Iraq I live in the capital of Iraq Baghdad, I love to meet many people from many countries my own goal to be here on this application to improve my English.

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  • Will Iraq’s political rivals agree government program and distribution of ministries?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    I hear Jan aushadhi and use another string TV channel is about other of the mediaeval me some parties in Baghdad about this issue because we have I think 46 share MP3 Ministries John must be followed as soon as possible because everyone we are in the heat of 2018 as 13020 1994 this month finish December we need to take careful obese positions to other Abdul Hadi cabinet finished and become ready to serve people and their make a project on solar you were the safety on this route to the country because we are also now I am desperate from my sister and I hope that is 20 and everything will be ok in India
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