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Hi everyone how I think I'm here on open talk to talk about almost anything with you may be interested in. But yeah, I would really like to talk about you your mindset your thinking then how you perceive the world and your culture geography or state economic Sports maybe politics a bit, and hopefully we'll have a great conversation. How are we mutually learn from each other share knowledge. You're looking for a great conversation. Thank you.

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  • Can Rohit Sharma get TeamIndia back on its feat after crushing defeat in England tour?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    I think it will be a bit tough for Rohit Sharma to Captain the side of the humiliating defeat in England. But then he number of advantages over here. Number one is the condition City be like home condition for Indian side. So we know in India our cricket team is very best the best in their own conditions then how they I think most important point is mr. Tony. Mr. Donaghy will be there band is terms guiding all the players especially the bowlers that would be added advantage and that will relieve a lot of pressure from mr. Rohit Sharma as a bad sprain his the best his number of old records to his name. So yeah, I believe we can handle and the pressure situations and yeah we can
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  • Can Indian cricket team win after their crushing defeat in England
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Yeah, definitely and I kind of in this issue of the humiliating defeat in England, but Inland conditioners and Nation conditional totally different and we know our team is very best in its own den. And they have the best waiting side available in the Asia and in the world. So yes, I think they can win and they would also good boring side only the threat will be Pike some but I think we're bad said in likes.
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