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hello, my name is Shantanu

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Mumbai, India
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Research Doctorate
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My Opinions

  • Is this Modi's last birthday as PM of India?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Yes, definitely Modi will become the next prime minister of India because he did a lot of work towards India like he made anti-black money loss many tax treaties from the all over the world almost and definitely all the current politicians are against mr. Modi, even from BJP. There are many corrupt politician which are who are against the rainbow DX. But yes God is always with him and definitely he will become next prime minister to and there are many blind people in India who believes in caste politics and who believe in you know slave of Muslim or slave of Saudi Arabia or we can say there.
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  • Petrol at Rs 82.06/litre in Delhi, Rs 89.44/litre in Mumbai. Is it difficult for Aam Admi to live?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    No, it will not impact with the normal people of the India. But if it will impact on the people like jihadis who make a petrol bomb to destroy India, even if Patrol becomes empty 2 rupees, then the difference of 10 Rupees will not impact on your budget and in Congress government. It was also 82 rupees but after subsidy amount, but nowadays subsidy has been reduced to zero and rate is attitudes which are costly because of the GST imposed by the state government and definitely state governments will not allow to reduce their GS2 earaches. So I think ultimately blame should be on the state government not on the sentence was much more the included petrol into GST law. That's enough.
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  • Should we spend Rs 9,100 Cr. on Akash Missile Systems for defence?
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    Yes, it's gold. 9100 Corpus is not for not, you know too much to invest in defense because we have to kill the enemies like Muslim of Pakistan's and they should feel fear from our countries and our mod do not compromise with the security and you can see in the neural Modi government. There are no a single incident happened in India like terrorist attack or something Bomb Blast. But yes, Indian Muslim always respect terrorists and they supported is that's what they will always oppose their in the movie. But yes, there is no the will election in 2019 and more the her movie career and fuck Jimmy.
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