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hey hello hi guys it's been nice using open talk . I have been using this platform for more than one month.So I really I am having a good experience using this app because you're getting connected to people from different states different countries it's really nice to hear about them and it's really pretty interesting to know about different things that I am really not exposed to and different life stories so... Like I am a kind of person who is always open to different topics and I am really anxious and enthusiastic to meet a lot of people on this app and I am hoping for the best and I am just looking forward to make the best use of this application and and hope you do the same thing and wish you good luck.

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English : Fluent
Hindi : Conversational
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Telugu : Native

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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    hello hi definitely I don't know about the life but it medical social impact on whatever the things I am doing because it's been long since I have been using open talk and it's really a great experience because you know in the beginning I was unable to even pronounce like you know I was unable to even talk in English but when I started using this app in a gradually in due course of time my English started improving like I didn't even observe that but you know soon I letter came to realise that are really my English has improved a lot but this is definitely a good platform but it depends on the persons like if we use it in the right way definitely it adds lot to your profile and lot to your life
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  • Does this really reflect Pakistan's commitment towards countering Terrorism?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Yeah, I feel like it works because when you ban terrorism in your country, then definitely people find some other ways to start a living like was there a lot of Terror groups in Pakistan when they when they get orders from the government then definitely will be serious about it. Like they will find some other way is there don't involve me in this terrorist activities and is not enough and of course, I wish Pakistan would take much more effort to counter terrorism because you know, since I was published a few days back and it was known that Pakistan is the very much big in television. So yeah, I wish you all the best.
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  • Leveraging social media can be tricky. The critical case in point is that whatever you do in life eventually lands up on your social media profiles.
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