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Bengali : Native
English : Conversational


Comilla public univesity
Comilla, Bangladesh
Branch :
Business administration
Studied :
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA
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My Opinions

  • For all english lovers and learners, share the funniest english language lines you have come across!
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Paris FranceI'm sure that car listen, my boy is abandoned and I hope that they are really feels like myself and I'm also free actually after completed my graduation. I'm really. Now and I want to improve my English skills. And that's why I'm using this application. If you want to improve your English is still there. So I that time you can knock me out of Korea call me request and I will back you want I will start to talk to you or for improving our English is Kelsey. Okay friend your friend. I hope that you will have to finish my listen boys opinion and they will call me. I will back you please don't be late. Actually whenever you talk to me that time you can understand. That's how much money I am. I could really I'm so much funnier than drywall and I hope that you will get more players if you talk to me.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hi guys. I know I was Didi actually. I don't know everybody I'm using this application for improving my English skills, but I have another purpose. I want to make a friendship with these peoples and countries people that's like this application and that if anybody listen my opinion and I hope that you will send me requests. I will back you ask me I'm really interested to talk Forum PayPal's specially for in a woman sound whenever I talk to it am the time I filled with chart records to Call Me Al Baguio of that attack your own self buy.
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  • When looking to make new friends, how do you prefer finding new people?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    hi guys I am really really I am I so much interested to I looking to make a new friends actually I think whatever I make a friendship with foreigners Kanti people that time I feel very enjoy and I can get most experience with the form them and that's why I want to make April mein can u friendship with finance peoples and I hope that most of the user in this application have foreigner all hope that say when you listen my boys opinion and that time you will send me a friend request and I will also accept your friend request please and trust me I am really so funny and interesting if you send me friend request at that time you will get the more fun and enjoyable moment please and wait for you ok bye take care
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hi, I'm still here. I'm come here to English torrent stored in a BBL and I'm also in a public university in our country, but I don't know the better than American or european. That's why I also install this application, and I'm also want to improving my English is kelsus like they were 10 people and that's why I'm trying to have the body. I want to also make a friendship with a discount is people. That's why I've come here. If you got to feed time. You can call me a request me. I'm sure that I also asked if your request a call and I'll back call you to talk I can buy take it.
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