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hello, my name is Tejas and I am from India In this app to learn about the culture and your traditional and something about you hear about the country and it's interesting to meet with a person who always train and make you comfortable hair of and give me a power how we are with improve my personality and tomorrow in directory powershell interview the history propose. So that's why I'm using this that I would say that this advertiser use was to make more confident and you not my strength when I am talking to change here, so I will give my thumbs up to this app and I request to all of that uses of you are very nice your new college skills developed some good, skill Centre without your a what has teeth when you're talking so don't do it is a good as

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English : Beginner
Hindi : Native


Delhi, India
Branch :
Electrical Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor of Technology - BTech
Passing Year :

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