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Hello friends I am Vijay! I am from Hyderabad which is the historical City and capital of Telangana state. I'm so glad to inform you that this application has helped me a lot to improve my communication skills. Now, I got confidence that I can talk in English with others without any fear. I recommend this application to everyone who wants to practice their ability of spoken English. Of course, I love to talk with people across the globe to make them friends to know the customs and traditions. Feel free to call me for nice conversation. Have a great day. Thank you.

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  • With Modi Govt and BJP states slashing fuel prices, how should congress and other party run states respond?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Good morning friends. Let me congratulate the team of open talk for introducing a nice feature in this app. Next coming to the point. It's a good gesture as the BJP has lashed down the taxes on Friel which helps common people a lot. I hope the Congress total government may also take addition to cut down tout access to reduce the fuel Praxis - I hope and we must demand the Congress ruled governments and as well as other governments to reduce the taxes on fuel so that we can get cheap petroleum products in our country. Thank you.
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  • Will India benefit from the Russian leader's visit to India?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello friends, well all we are aware that Russia is one of the trusted nations of our country, India. You know earlier there was a strong bond and good strategic relationship between the old USSR and India even during the Cold War but now things have changed that's of US president. Mr. Trump may not help India much. So we have to maintain cordial relations with other countries, especially like Russia. Yes, of course the visit of mr. Putin will certainly help India has will be going to sign a deal of missile defense systems. Thank you very much.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello, my dear open Turkish. I'm so impressed to see that. The latest update of this application which facilitates us to post our voice. And really it's a good Improvement. I had fully congratulate and appreciate the whole team of open Talk who put their best efforts in developing this app with many such great features. How do you set up this application? I have improved my ability of speaking English a lot with confidence by speaking strangers. You know earlier I use it to search for words, but now slowly I am getting confidence in speaking English with others. Yeah. I confidently say that it has changed my life. Thanks open Talk.
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello friends, yeah, certainly the motivational quotes boost us to achieve our goals in our lives. You know there were many great people across the globe who said many precious things After experiencing the truth of life. I'm inspired with the course of Swami Vivekananda. Of course as we can find many quarts of him. I like arrays awake and stop not until the goal is reached. And one more coat you are the creator of your own destination such course really very much impressed to everybody and I like one of the greatest quotes of Ensign which I like most is genius is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration. I like this coat also because with the
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