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Hi there, this is because and my purpose to use this application is to learn something new from everyone. Kumail I speak to and yes, of course that you guys can talk to me on anything you can be I can love you too small as a particle size shoe show signs of americs. I'm available to talk on anything and also recently started to learn French, and if you guys could help me to learn something in in in French, that would be a great help to me. Thank you.

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French : Beginner
Hindi : Native
English : Fluent

My Opinions

  • The new tinsel town jodi of Malaika & Arjun Kapoor! As a society are we becoming more open?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    I don't think we are opening at self Sarah and I also said you were trying to open and it comes to making like this. Let's hear it again. I also like to add that they are also learned a lot of other things that is coming from Western culture in the name of modernization referral to giving examples of an open the screen door and let everyone knows what happened with them in before 8 and they were off to some cheap of the city and they succeed in that but when you talk about this seems to be a really nice engine and couple and I don't see a problem in the relationship tomorrow it is it is more important that we need. We need to see that but you going to learn from a relation that an open the screen is hurting or you know Elations. That's a large animal like he's having so I think media plays a vital role here. and you need to say
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  • Big achievement! Great step for the state and nation equally!
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Raja scansion about this to open schooling and let me some great though it's really hard to believe that that happen for you because you prove is not give you that clear picture of the reality but if that happen for you it is a great achievement for for the people of Bihar in Bihar government but yet again we need to see the common people can be benefited to test whether it's been implemented at the root level or not we need to make sure that whatever they have achieved to be maintained and the apples they have made turn off the directed into the Wild direction in everyone should be benefited through this not only some fabulous.
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  • Kohli fastest to 61 international hundreds and 10,000 runs! Is Kohli better than Sachin?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    But I don't think Google is better than searching in anyway, because and you talk about cricket cricket is a team games and individual performances are highly influenced by the by the support that they received from tonight's making such a nice time. We have really good players likes her downgrade and the hotel rate, but even then there was too much pressure on the shoulder of 16th. And we talked about we have we have cheated on Eva not tell him there's like even a bowl of you know, we can expect when these are likely type match we can expect them that well and they can win the matches for us, but that was that was really the same and searching was playing so when it when it's making any comparisons and I liked it in individual performances, I need to consider this thing as well. And of course the conditions like Cricket Council relatively small over there like advancement in technology as though
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