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Level 10
Hello friend. My name is Vipin first. I want to tell you to something about the English language inside. Our country people always think about the English language. It's very hard. But in my view English is not very hot. It's very easy then English Hindi language, you know about the English language English always depend on confidence level. If you have good confidence to speak you can do easily speak in English and sport that you have no confidence without confidence. You can't speak in English so bro in suit bro, and my friends my elder friend and younger friends and English is not very hard. It always depend on your confidence and it's always depend on your practice and there so please keep it in your practice and get more knowledge about English language and you know before 1 and 2 are there was no application for the conversation, but these days is the technical

I speak

English : Conversational


Gurgaon, India
Branch :
Communication studies
Studied :
Bachelor’s degree
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