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Hello. Hello. I am greeting you. All of my friend over the world. I live in Somaliland and is located in the horn of Africa and is near in Ethiopia and djibout and Somalia but I am greating you all of my friends

I speak

Arabic : Beginner
English : Conversational
Somali : Native

My Opinions

  • Junk food ads banned on London transport from Feb! Should other countries & cities follow the same?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Frist and greeting all my friend we connect this application open talk after that. I'm talking in this topic about junk food and advertising banned in my opinion. Junk food is remaining of some food that people eat and then in junk food is a very bad because many bacteria they are living in this food and they create the people ill mean they create the people disease. That's why they prohibit and to forbidden in this food.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    I am great you all my friend is Where their stay in the wall? After that I am free happy in this application of enthralled. orbital Kimi change in English language English language is a very important at this nowadays want to use in this application and I am crazy in someone who create this application is very important application that I used in my life and I am very happy to speak answers in this application and I am great you my friend is where they are staying.
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  • Share your favourite book with Opentalk community and why its a favourite?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, I'm greeting you. All of my friend is. I stay in all of the wall. Paris time speaking my opinion in my opinion reading the books. Wayfair Freight I like read more Pocus I am saying that this is a very important our life. Because more you read more, you know. Reading is a very important in our life. What do you read more books and more passages? how to how the life of a people of the wall and how they if love month and how they read more messages and how they reach every single to the floor structure education Hills and anything I like to read me books I'm crazy you bye. Bye.
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