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Wesley speaking from São Paulo Brazil. I am 31 years old at work as a cameraman. I love shooting photos shooting videos playing guitar playing chess. So let's talk about something that we have in common. Even if we don't I just fed up with shallow talks. Let's take our English to higher-level. Let's read something together increase our vocabulary be friends and go on. I hope we talk soon.

I speak

English : Conversational
Portuguese : Native


Eunice Marques Moura Bastos Professora
Eunice Marques
São Paulo, Brazil
Branch :
Landscape design
Studied :
High School
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My Opinions

  • Will the new leader revive the country?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I'm not agree with all the proposals of this guy, but I agree with and some stuff for example to the security of our country. And I was done with the previous government. They left our country a mess up upside down. I'm not sure if he's really sex just brushes homophobic. I'm not sure. I think he's the right person for our situation.
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  • Do you think the voting rate can go higher if it is built as a social and community experience?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Here in Brazil. We are forced to vote after a 18 years old. Even if we do not want to vote. We have to authorize our rights as Citizens are going to be stuck to have it's a big part of the future of their country.
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  • What about the hyperactivity and withdrawal post Coffee? Do you agree to this report by EconomicTimes?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I cannot call myself Wesley if I do not have at least. cup of coffee a day better think faster even more willingness.
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  • Brazil elections: Can a new president save the economy?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    these politician can save the economy of a country we have been control via politician party over the last $65 Joseph now substitute Itachi theme of Venezuela in also known as a few more dangerousthe stolen Syria country
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  • Who is Fernando Haddad, Brazil's leftist presidential candidate?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    remember that she is a politician politician Polycom VC party Google transfer he belongs to which politician has been charged over the last 60 years is also responsible of the match that is impress you now
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  • Have you ever been a victim of fake news?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Deborah khazei my CD how woman has been killed because she was a victim of fake news here in my city people put her photo on the internet and The Rock in the roads that she was a kidnapping. Kidnapping of kids. So the population got her started to punch her to was a penny, but she was killed because this mess of fake news.
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  • Is Brazil voting amid anger at the ruling class?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    We have to choose a new president. This election is not easy for us. We had to be spelling for the last politician body over the over the last 60 years in our country's total UMass the economy security. Elmer hospital is a mess but have to decide the new president for change this reality. We still have this politician Who belongs to this? Is politician party who has being charged for the last 16 years and we have a new president candidate for a president. Have to decide this.
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