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Level 3

I speak

Bulgariana : Fluent
Catalan : Conversational
Circassian : Conversational
English : Native
Georgiana : Fluent

My Opinions

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    Listen opinion12 months ago
    I'm not sure that I can do this, but let me try. Yeah, I know. I'm the rapping sensation. Let's go.Cuz I've been doing with some other time. You don't know because you have for thinking about me is Anna over cuz I don't even know what you have been doing all the time cuz I've been thinking about the time and it's been turning me back who ever trying to tell me back who ever trying to mess me up on my cousin loves his name because you've been thinking about it cuz I've been having having means in my life cuz you have been thinking about nobody in the brain. Oh, yeah. I got two things to do. Yeah, I know you because you never got a motherfuking your money transfer and you will lose that you've been thinking that you're a big ass cuz you're not being gone and I got a fucking say cat. Again. That's it. Hope you like it. Hope you
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