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Level 8
Hi everybody. My name is your sir from Morocco I am here to improve my communication skills in a can help you to do so by talking to you but from English I talked energy earth, which is my native language Arabic as well as friends. You are welcome for any help in that are usually my conversation is I'll understand my hobbies experiences at evening show the problem to open final solution if I can so if you are interested in that, everyone knows we can have a nice discussion. I appreciate you listen time and thank you.

I speak

Albanian : Beginner
Arabic : Fluent
French : Fluent
Indonesian : Beginner
Berber : Native

My Opinions

  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    I prefer some YouTube channels because they provide a change in life content. One of these is named on the name of its outer Frank Thomas Frank. It gives tips about how to deal with problems that anybody may encounter in real life. For example, how to manage your time how to get things done when your motivation is zero how to build good habits and get rid of the bad ones Etc. In addition to this is General topics specific but important topics are are also discussed. And most of the time the idea is exposed are supported by scientific evidence and critically approached. So a realism is one of the reasons that make me like this channel.
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  • Should Morocco build wall across Sahara desert?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I can't give a final opinion because the question is a little bit fuzzy flower starts from the middle of Morocco and extends to the Deep South. So if the wall is going to be built in the middle this season in my opinion means implicitly that we agree to give out south of Sahara two boys are you which is unacceptable idea. I don't accept that. I don't think they're accept the idea of building a wall in the South borders to stop African immigrants because they can after all sneak from broken Algerian borders. So it's not an effective strategy in my opinion.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Not yet, but it will of course. It's been now 2 months that I'm using it and I feel really provement in my English skills. I prefer open talk about a brother applications because it offers me options that other applications do not like giving me information about other users and talk with people that I have already spoken to or message them or express my opinion about a topic like I'm doing now. So, I think it's a great application.
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